Section 1. Being happy together! - Биболетова, Денисенко, Трубанева 4 класс (ответы)

1. Прочитайте письмо. Вставь слова вместо картинок

Dear Mag,

Thank you for your letter. My name is Helen. My surname is Macklay. I am from the USA. I live with my mum, dad and my sister. We are twins. Our birthday is in spring, on the 21st of May. When is your birthday?

My favourite sport is tennis. Betsy likes it too. I am very energetic! And Betsy is kind and merry. We’ve got two parrots and a cat. We like to take photos of our pets and friends.

We can ride a bike and a scooter.

Can you ride them? What do you like to do?

Please write back.

Your friends,
Helen and Betsy

2. Переделай предложения по образцу

Example: My sister does not write fairy tales. - My sister doesn’t write fairy tales

1) I have not got a brother. – I haven’t got a brother

2) My grandmother does not listen to rock music. - My grandmother doesn’t listen to rock music

3) His sister cannot take photos. - His sister can’t take photos

4) Her grandfather has not got a pet. - Her grandfather hasn’t got a pet

5) Mag did not play puzzles yesterday. - Mag didn’t play puzzles yesterday

6) Our father will not watch the stars in the morning. - Our father won’t watch the stars in the morning

7) Their mother was not at home at two o’clock. - Their mother wasn’t at home at two o’clock

3. Запиши вопросы

1) Mag walked in the park

Where did Mag walk?

2) The weather was fine

Was the weather fine?

3) Max will ride his bike next Sunday

When will Max ride his bike?

4) Mag waters the flowers every morning

What does Mag water every morning?

5) Max liked his scooter and shared it with me

What did Max like and share with me?

4. Напиши, какими должны и не должны быть родители и дети. Используй модели:  not

Example: Mother must make cakes every day

Children mustn’t watch TV late in the evening

1) Father and mother must get up early in the morning to make breakfast

Children mustn’t play computer games too much

2) Children must go to school every day

They mustn’t go to school on Saturdays and Sundays

3) Children must do homework and help their mother and father at home

Mother and father mustn’t do homework for their children

4) Children must go to the bathroom every morning and wash their hands, face and clean the teeth

Father mustn’t sit in an armchair and read books every evening

5) Father must take photos of his family

Children mustn’t go to bed late at night

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