Section 2. What do you do to help your family? - Биболетова, Денисенко, Трубанева 4 класс (ответы)

5. Прочитай. Выбери нужное слово. Обведи соответствующую букву

1) My father …her homework in the afternoon

а) makes b) has c) does

2) After breakfast Mag … the washing up

а) washes b) cleans c) does

3) Do you…your bed in the morning?

а) clean b) do c) make

4)We’ll …photos of our friends

а) make b) take c) do

5)The boys usually … lunch at 2 p.m.

а) have b) do c) go

6. Соедини стрелками слова, чтобы получилось словосочетание

The table the pet the bed

Lay go do feed water make

The washing up the flowers shopping

7. Выбери и обведи нужную форму глагола

Example: I often help / will help / helped my mother at home

My brother repairs / will repair / repaired my bike yesterday

My little sister usually plays / will play / played puzzles in the evening

Mag does / will do / did the washing up half an hour ago

Alex doesn’t / won’t / didn’t water the flowers yesterday

His grandma doesn’t / won’t / didn’t go to the country tomorrow

8. Прочитай. Соедини стрелками глаголы I и II формы

come - came

run - ran

see - saw

catch - caught

say - said

begin - began

go - went

9. Составь предложения из слов

Example: on, brothers, The, help, mother, their, Saturdays. – The brothers help their mother on Saturdays

1) There, a lot of, were, in, children, park, the. – There were a lot of children in the park

2) Didn’t, Tiny, his, visit, friends, yesterday. – Tiny didn’t visit his friends yesterday

3) Skate, do, you, Where? – Where do you skate yesterday?

4) Will, you, your, repair, When, bike? – When will you repair your bike?

10. Соедини стрелками вопросы Маг и ответы Алекса

Was it cold in Russia last summer? - No, it wasn’t

Were you busy in Moscow? - Yes, I was

Were there many boys and girls from Great Britain? - Yes, there were

Was your mother at the festival? - No, she wasn’t

Were all your pen friends in Moscow? - No, they weren’t

11. Переведи на английский язык

1) Я убираю свою постель утром. – I make my bed in the morning

2) Моя сестра поливает цветы каждый день. – My sister waters flowers every day

3) Ты убираешь свою комнату? – Do you clean your room?

4) Я люблю кормить птиц. – I like to feed birds

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