Section 4. Let us try to be polite - Биболетова, Денисенко, Трубанева 4 класс (ответы)

18. Соедини фразы стрелками

Hello,Jill - Hi,Alex

Good morning - Good morning

Help yourself! - Thank you!

Would you like some sweet? - Yes,please

Thank you! - You are welcome.

Goodbye! - Bye!

19. Впиши недостающие фразы в диалоги. Воспользуйся словами из рамочки

Mag: Happy birthday to you!

Jill: Oh, it"s great! Thank you

Mother: Good morning, Jim!

Jim: Good morning, Mum!

Mother: Here you are. Help yourself!

Jim:Thank you, Mum

Mother: You are welcome

20. Зачеркни лишнее слово в каждой строке

mother, father, woman, son, daughter

grandmother, grandfather, son, granddaughter, grandson

grandfather, father, son, brother, mother

grandma, mum, grandpa, daughter, dad

21. а) Впиши в слова пропущенные буквы и в выделенных клетках ты прочитаешь три слова


p h o n e
c l o c k
h i l l
f a m i l y
s i s t e r
b r i d g e



t r a n s l a t e
p h o t o s
g r a n d m a
g r a n d p a
b r e a k f a s t
t e n n i s



p u z z l e s
c l o u d y
f i e l d
w o m a n
t r a n s l a t e
p o l i t e


б) А теперь прочитай стихотворение, вставив слова, которые ты отгадал

Always be polite and sweet

At your home, in the street

Remember please, goodbye and thanks

And you will have a lot of friends

22. Соедини стрелкой выделенные буквы в словах с соответствующие им звуки

[ai] - my

[ ɔː] - your

[ə] - our

[ð] - their

[z] - his

[3:] - her

23. Выбери и обведи нужное слово

Example: My sister has got a new skirt

Its / His / Her skirt is blue and white

1) The bird is yellow. His / Her / Its eyes are black

2) Mr Wilson has a car. His / Her / Its car is red

3) I like spring. My / Our / Their favourite month is May

4 )The boys are friends. His / Our / Their names are Jim and Alex

5) We are pupils. Its / Our / Their school is nice. We love it

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