Test yourself 1 - Биболетова, Денисенко, Трубанева 4 класс (ответы)

1. Напиши какая погода изображена на рисунках.

What is the weather like?

1) It`s cold and windy.

2) It`s sunny and warm.

3) It`s rainy and cloudy.

4) It`s cold and snowy.

5) It`s sunny and hot.

2. Посмотри на картинки и прочитай предложения. Выбери и обведи нужное слово.

1) Dino can skate.

2) Tiny and Billy like to toboggan.

3) Martin and Tiny can make a snowman.

4) Jim can fly a kite.

5) Jack and Donkey like to play hide-and-seek.

6) Dino can dive.

3. Прочитай и вставь пропущенные слова.

picnic, weather, fly, warm, like

Jill: What`s the weather like today?

Jim: It`s warm and sunny.

Jill: Would you like to go to the park and have a picnic?

Jim: Of course. I can fly my kite there.

4. Составь предложения из слов.

1) will, a, kite, fly, Jim - Jim will fly a kite.

2) play, won`t, He, football - He won`t play football.

3) will, hide-and-seek, dog, play, her, Jill, with - Jill will play hide-and-seek with her dog.

4) they, Will, badminton, play, park, the, in? - Will they play badminton in the park?

5) will, go, Where, they? - Where will they go.

5. Прочитай вопросы и кратко ответь на них.

1) Can you ride a bike? - Yes, I can. / No, I can`t.

2) Do you like to play hide-and-seek? - Yes, I do. / No, I don`t.

3) Does Jill like picnics? - Yes, she does.

4) Will they play football in the park? - No, they won`t.

5) Are they students? - Yes, they are.

6) Is Jill sad today? - No, she isn`t.

6. Прочитай письмо, посмотри на рисунки и впиши недостающие слова.

Dear Jill and Jim,

In January I`ll go to Russia. It will be cold and snow in winter. I`ll toboggan and play snowballs. I`ll make a funny snowman. I`ll ski in the park. I won`t skate because I can`t.

In the evening I`ll tell my Russian friends New Year fairy tales. Would you like to go to Russia with me?

Write, please.

Your Tiny

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