Test yourself 6 - Биболетова, Денисенко, Трубанева 4 класс (ответы)

1. Прочитай текст и раскрась картинку

Look at Baby Elephant and his Mother Elephant! They are happy and merry!

Baby Elephant has his birthday today. His friends will come to his party. Baby Elephant has green trousers and a yellow shirt on. His shoes are brown. His cap is blue. Mother Elephant has a red dress on. Her hat and shoes are black. Mother Elephant and her Baby Elephant are ready (готовы) for the party

Посмотрите на малыша Слоника и его маму Слониху! Они счастливы!

У малыша Слоника сегодня день рождения. На праздник придут его друзья. Малыш Слоник в зелёных брюках и жёлтой рубашке. У него коричневые туфли. На нём голубая кепка. Мама Слониха одета в красное платье. Её шляпа и туфли чёрного цвета. Мама Слониха и её малыш Слоник готовы к празднику

2. Закончи предложения. Употреби выделенные глаголы в Past Simple

Образец: The Baby Elephant didn’t go to the park yesterday. He went shopping

1) They didn’t see Martin. They saw Billy and Tiny

2) Alice didn’t buy mittens. She bought a scarf

3) Tiny didn’t write a new fairy tale last Sunday. He wrote a poem

4) Mrs Tiger didn’t make socks for Baby Elephant. She made new trainers

5) His friends didn’t have tea at the party. They had coffee

3.Выбери правильное слово. Обведи соответствующую букву

Example: Tiny … early every day

a) gets up b) got up c) will get up

“Tomorrow we…shopping,” Father Elephant said

a) go b) went c) will go

There …a lot of flowers in the park a week ago

a) are b) were c) will be

Alice didn’t … Tom and Tim at the party

a) see b) saw c) sees

Did he … the flowers yesterday?

a) waters b) water c) watered

Where does he…?

a) skates b) skate c) skated

4.Раскрой скобки. Поставь прилагательные в сравнительную или превосходную степень

Example: The trainers are bigger than his shoes. (big)

1) The blue scarf is warmer than the green scarf. (warm)

2) I think the blue jeans are the best. (good)

3) Look! The red T-shirt is smaller than the yellow T-shirt. (small)

4) Mag’s dress is the most beautiful. (beautiful)

5) This black umbrella is the worst (bad)

5.Вставь пропущенные слова: some, any, no

1) – Would you like some apple juice?

– Yes, please. I’d love some

2) – Have you got any apples?

– No, sorry. I haven’t got any apples. But I have got some oranges

– I’m afraid, I don’t want any oranges. I would like apples

3) – Mag, is there any bread at home?

– No, there is no bread at home

– I hope you’ll go and buy some

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