Test yourself 7 - Биболетова, Денисенко, Трубанева 4 класс (ответы)

1. Посмотри на рисунки. Напиши, что на них изображено

It’s a pencil box

It’s a ruler

It’s a workbook

It’s a pencil sharpener

It’s a rubber

2. Прочитай, посмотри на рисунки и впиши недостающие слова

Hi! I am Mag. Look at the photo of my classroom. It’s big and nice. There are twenty desks, a  thecher’s table, a big  board on the wall, a bookshelf with books, three  dictionaries and a lot of  textbooks, a TV and  video in my classroom. We also have a tape recorder and a lot of  cassettes

We like to listen and sing songs in our English lessons

3. а) Составь словосочетания

sing songs

speak English

learn poems by heart

translate from English into Russian

draw pictures

b) Используй составленные словосочетания и закончи предложения

Example: Mag and her friends translate from English into Russian in their Russian lessons.

1) They speak English in their English lessons

2) They learn poems by heart in their Reading lessons

3) They sing songs in their Musik lessons

4) They draw pictures in their Art lessons

4. Посмотри на кратинки и прочитай предложения. Выбери и обведи нужное слово

Example: This / That is my bag

This / That is my desk

This / That is my pencil box

These / Those are my textbooks and workbooks

These / Those are my coloured pencils

5.Прочитай текст. Раскрой скобки и поставь глаголы в Past Simple

Yesterday Mag (get) got up early. The weather (be) was fine. She (wash) washed her hands and face, cleaned her teeth in the bathroom. Then Mag (put) put on her school dress and (take) took her bag. Then she (go) went to school.

It (be) was sunny and warm. When she (get) got to school, she didn’t see any pupils in the jard (во дворе). Mag (say) said: “Oh! But today is the first day of summer holidays. Children don’t go to school on holidays”

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