Section 1 - Тетрадь Enjoy English Биболетова, Денисенко, Трубанева 7 класс (ответы)

1. Find the words with opposite meaning. Write down the pairs.

sociable shy
polite rude
friendly unfriendly
lucky unlucky
industrious lazy
intellegent silly
kind cruel

2. Use the verbs in the past or future simple.

1) This summer I lived at my granny's in the country. Every morning I got up and ran to the river. I swim in any weather and then went for breakfast. I ate delicious cakes and drank some warm milk. Then I fed my puppy and we wore glad to help my grandmother in the garden.

2) Next summer I will go to the sports camp. I will join their football team and will take in all sports competitions in the camp. I think we shell have lots of concerts, parties and other entertainments there. Will you go to this camp with me?

3. Disagree with the sentences and write the correct information. The first one is done for you. Use it as a model.

1. John got up very early yesterday.

No, he didn't get up early. He got up very late.

2. Jane went to the mountains in July to ski.

No, she didn't go to the mountains to ski. She went to the see to swim.

3. Jack lost the competition on Friday.

No, he didn;t lost the competition. He won.

4. Jane likes oranges very much.

No, she doesn't like oranges. She likes apple.

5. Laura watches political programmes every evening.

No, she doesn't watch political programmes. She watches cartoons.

6. Paul will take part in the swimming competition next Saturday.

No, he won't take part in the swimming competition next Saturday.

7. When Martin goes fishing, he'll leave his puppy at home.

No, he doesn't leave his puppy at home. He brings his puppy with him.

4 Fill in the words from the box.

a) I never take part in any competitions. I’m always out of luck that is why its not worth trying. Any competition for me is a waste of time. Last year I tried to take part in a sports competition in our school. Certainly, I lost it.

b) 1 always take part in different competitions. Sometimes I win  the competition and sometimes I lose it. It’s not very important for me if I win or lose. The main thing is to try my shance, because if you don't believe in your luck, you can miss a very good chance.

5. Read the exercise above and write who you agree with. Use words and word combinations from Ex. 3-5, p. 7, Student's Book.

I. I totaly agree with Robert. Competitions help you to know yourse if your real power and possibilities. Everyone has to have a matte. Mine is "Never give up".

II. Weit I guess Danny's opinion has a point. Why should I force myself when I know that it's not going to work out Anyway, I think that sometimes when you feed sure about the situation your can try and make something unusual and may be it will be ok... I don't know.

6. Complete the advertisement. Use the variants from the boxes or your own ideas.

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