Section 11 - Тетрадь Enjoy English Биболетова, Денисенко, Трубанева 7 класс (ответы)

1. Match. Every word should be used only once.

2. What traitsof charachter are important for these professions? Write the sentences as it is shown in the model.

to be a doctor

to be a computer programmer

to be a lawyer

to be a vet

to be a fireman

to be a politician

to be a teacher

1. To be a good doctor a person should be clever and kind.

2. To be a good computer programmer a person should be intelligent and serious.

3. To be a good lawyer a person should be fair and talkative.

4. To be a good vet a person should be tolerant and polite.

5. To be a good fireman a person should be brave and clever.

6. To be a good politician a person should be intelligent and tolerant.

7. To be a good teacher a person should be communicative and understanding.

3. Read the tot of Ex.85 on р. 17. Student's Book, and complete the sentences.

1. Clare ways that computer is interesting for her because it helps her make new friends and chat with them on the Internet.

2. Clare thinks that the Internet is very useful because the Internet helps her in her studies.

3. Jason is learning how to use the computer because he wants to become a programmer.

4. Jason thinks that the computer is not only useful but also very exciting because he's lucky and sometimes he not, but he hates lasing and trys his chances again.

5. Mr O'Neal agrees that computers are my useful because computer often help on many issues every day .

6. Mr O'Neal is sure that scomputers can be very dangerous because children play computer games and it harms health.

7. Mrs O'Neal hates computers because It takes a lot of free time

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