Section 1 - Тетрадь Enjoy English Биболетова, Денисенко, Трубанева 7 класс (ответы)

1. One of the words is out of the line. Find it and circle it. Explain your choise.

2. Read Ex.3 on p.100, Student's Book. Write out the sports you can do indoors.

3. Write which sports you prefer and give your reasons. Use the phrases from the box or you own ideas.

Example: cycling/horse riding. - I prefer cycling to horse riding because I'm affraid of horses. As for cycling. I can do it very well.

4. Fill in the words from the box or the words that are built from them.

5. Read the text from Ex.10. pp.102-103, Student's Book. Circle the number of the sentence that gives the right information about the teenagers.

6. Complete the writing. Fill in any variant from the columns.

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