Section 2 - Тетрадь Enjoy English Биболетова, Денисенко, Трубанева 7 класс (ответы)

1. Match the words. Some words can be used more than once.

humorous -story

exotic - drink

historical - novel

scientific - report

energetic - event

classical - music

delicious - cake

unforgettable - flower

2. Make up questions to ask for more information. Write them down. Use the present simple, or the future simple. The first one is done for you.

1. — Jane knows the subject very well but she didn't write the test.

— Why? Was she nervous?

2. — Granny went to bed very early yesterday.

— Why? Was she tired?

3. — My younger brother asks a lot of different questions.

— Why? Is he curious?

4. — I’ve broken my Mums favourite cup. I’m afraid to tell her about it.

— Why? Will she be angry?

5. — Terry is going to take part in the horse races. 1 worry about it.

— Why? Is it dangerous?

3. Ask questions about the details. Use the past simple, the present simple, or the future simple.

1. I saw Michael Jackson this morning.

Where did you see him?

2. When I’m grown-up, I will travel to other countries.

What countries will you travel to?

3. She likes books and reads a lot.

What kind of books dosc she like?

4. I saw this film with my friends.

When did you and your friends see it?

5. T go to the swimming pool every Wednesday.

Who do you go to he pool with?

6. I will arrange the birthday party myself.

How will you arrange it?

4. Make up the adjectivies from the words given in the box. Fill in the blanks. Entitle the story.

Meet my friend Jess. I've known her since her birthday and we get along my well with each other.

Jess is very helpful and responsible. She wakes me up at «even o'clock every morning, to I don't need an alarm- clock (будильник). Even on Sundays she doesn't allow me to sleep
a little longer. She is very talkative in the morning. She mews loudly because she wants to get her milk as soon as possible. After breakfast she becomes very friendly and wants to play. Jess t very' cunnu and that's why sometimes he gets in rather dangerous situations. So, once she got into the washing machine and fell asleep there. She was lucky that we did not switch it on while she was there. Jess is musical and very creative.

She prefers |att and enloys helping me when I draw. She uses her toil as a brush and all my painting have got her marks. Jess can he naughty, but I don't feel angry with her. She is beautiful and she knows it.

5. Translate into English.

1) Когда a нервничаю, я ем много конфет. - When I'm nervous I eat a lot of sweets.

2) Когда в устаю, я слушаю тихую музыку. - When I'm tired, I listen to quiet music.

3) Когда я злюсь, я считаю до двадцати. - When I'm angry, I count up to twenty.

4) Когда мне грустно, я звоню друзьям. - When I'm fell sad, I call my friends.

5) Когда я счастлив(a), я прыгаю, пою и танцую. - When I'm happy, I jump, sing and dance.

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