Section 3 - Тетрадь Enjoy English Биболетова, Денисенко, Трубанева 7 класс (ответы)

1. Complete the table of irregular verbs.

break broke broken
hear heard heard
find found found
know knew known
pay paid paid
shake shook shaken
show shown shown
wear wore worn
win won won

2. Complete the sentences with the adjectives from the box.

musical curious serious independent cunning helpful

1) Mike never follows anybody’s advice and never listens to anybody’s opinion. He is very independent.

2) Little Jane asks her parents and teachers a lot of questions about everything. She is very curious.

3) I don’t want to be friends with Jack any longer. He tells lots of lies. He is not honest in competitions. He is very cunning.

4) If you arc in a difficult situation and you need help, call Danny. He is very helpful.

5) Julia has a good voice, she loves and understands music. She is very musical.

6) He doesn’t like jokes and funny stories. He is very serious.

3. Sally thinks that all ber friends are not good enough and wants to improve them. Complete her sentences with the words from the box.

be more sociable

be less talkative

be less nervous

be more polite

improve her memory

be smarter

be more independent

1) Jack is nice but he talks too much. He should be less talkative.

2) Jane is nice but sometimes she is rather stupid. She should be smarter.

3) Margaret is икс but die always forgets things. She should improve her.

4) Frank is nice but he always does everything his friends tell him to do. He should be more independent.

5) Danny is nice but he cannot say a word to people whom he doesn't know well. He should be more sociable.

6) Mary is nice bin sometime she is rather rude. She should be more polite.

7) Julia is nice but she worries about everything. She should be less nervous.

4. Make up questions to ask for more information. Mind the tenses. The first question is done for you.

a) 1. Amelia often takes part in different concerts. (she / sing or dance)

Does she sing or dance?

2. Tim is in his room. It is very quiet there. (he / sleep)

Is Tim sleeping?

3. My younger brother is very naughty (you / get along with him)

How do you gel along with him?

4. Hush! She asked not to come into her room and not to speak loudly. (she / teach her parrot to speaks)

Is she teaching her parrot to speak?

5. Listen! What a funny noise. (Tim / try to play the guitar)

Tim is trying to play the guitar?

b) 1. Mark looks a bit strange. (he / get a new haircut)

Has he got a new haircut?

2. She jogs every morning in any weather. (she ? lose any weight)

Has she lost any weight.

3. Mick can't find his dog anywhere. (he / write an advertisement about the lost dog)

Has he writter an advertisement about the lost dog?

4. The guests will come any minute. (we / arrange everything for the party)

Have we arranged everything for the party.

5. I can't find the cake that Mum made yesterday. (you / eat the whole of it)

Have you eatten the whole of it.

5. Translate into English.

1. — Вы с Джимом хорошие друзья?
— Нет, мы встречались только один раз.

2. Джейсон — хороший пловец, он ходит в бассейн два раза в неделю в любую погоду.
3 .Ему только двенадцать, а он уже четыре раза принимал участие с соревнованиях на знание английского языка. Он выиграл их все.
4. Я упустил свой шанс выиграть соревнования по бегу, но я попытаюсь еще раз.

1. - Are you good friends with Jim? - No, we've met once.

2. Jason - is a good swimmer. He goes to the swimming pool twice a week in any weather.

3. He only twelve, and he taken part in competitions of the English know edge for four times already. He won all of them.

4. I've missed my chance to win a running competition, but I'll try one more time.

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