Section 4 - Тетрадь Enjoy English Биболетова, Денисенко, Трубанева 7 класс (ответы)

1. a) Match. Each word can be used only once.

1 g 2 e 3 h 4 f 5 d 6 c 7 a 8 b

b) Write four sentences with any of the word combinations.

My father develops information technologies. That's his job. Lie never the, a gees with his collabarators opinions, because he respects them. He never missies his chance to improve his knowledge and become a better scientist.

Перевод: Мой отец развивает информационные технологии. Это его работа. Он всегда соглашается с мнением своих сотрудников, т.к. уважает их. Он никогда не упускает шанс улучшить свои знания и стать еще лучше.

2. What subjects will be important in the future?

a) Write down the subjects from the box according to their importance for the future life.

1. Geography and Space Maps Physics

2. Physics.

3. Mathematics

4. Biology

5. Information Technology

6. Foreign Languages

7. Physical Education

8. Literature and Culture

9. Arts

10. History of Space Travelling

11. History of Space Travelling

b) Write two more subjects that children will study in the future classroom.

Пример: Chemistry, Drawing.

3. Read the word combinations about the future. Write them in two columns:

progress-in different areas

new serious diseases

stressful life

water pollution

new discoveries in medicine

space travelling

new war technologies

new electronic technologies

space discoveries

development of computers

air pollution

dangerous technologies

Optimistic Pessimistic

progress in different areas

development of computers

new discoveries in medicine

space travelling

space discoveries

 water pollution

new war technologies

new serious diseases

air pollution

dangerous technologies

stressful life

4.Use the word combinations from Ex.3 to complete the sentences.

1. When I think about the future, I think about tomorrow will he better than today anyway.

2. I'm looking forward to start my own discoveries in different areas like medicine, serious diseases and electronic technologies especially. The onle their.

3. I'm afraid of is in the future we will get lots of problems with polution like air and water population. And it's really sad thing to understand.

5. Write if you believe it or not. The first one is done for you.

1. People won't have any diseases.

I don't believe that people won't have any diseases.

2. Children won't go to school, they will study at home. — I don't believe that children won't go to school.

3. There will be no teachers, computers will teach children. — I don't believe that there will be no teachers.

4. Children will study a special subject Space Travelling. — I believe that children will study a special subject Space Travelling.

5. Robots will do all the housework. — I believe that robots will do all the house-work.

6. Most people will be very athletic. — I don't believe that most people will be very athletic.

7. Most people will travel by bicycles. — I don't believe that most people will travel by becycles.

6. Imagine that you’ve got a Time Machine and you’ve managed to get to the future. Ask your grandson the questions to check if your sentences above (Ex. 5) are right or wrong.

1. Do people have any diseases?

2. Do children go to school?

3. Are there any teachers?

4. Do children study a special subject Space Travelling?

5. Do robots do all the housework?

6. Are most people very athletic?

7. Do most people travel by bicycles?

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