Section 8 - Тетрадь Enjoy English Биболетова, Денисенко, Трубанева 7 класс (ответы)

1. a) Match the parts of school superstitions.

a) Walking late on Sunday, when the Moon u full means.

b) Seeing magpies or any other birds on Friday the 13th at the lesson of Mathematics means.

c) Eating fire ice creams at once, early in the morning on the last day of the month, means.

d) Breaking a mirror in the school corridor on the first Tuesday of the month means.

1. a forthcoming (скорый) visit of a doctor.

2. an unfriendly telephone call front your teachet to your parents.

3. bad luck for two weeks and problems with the teacher of Maths.

4. bad luck at the test next Monday.

a 4 b 3 c 1 d 2

b) Write two more school superstitions.

1. Thying to invent a new chemical compaund without teacher's help means a depravel clothes and troubles with the head-master.

2. Talking too laund on the lesson and bothering teacher means a unprepared speech in front of the class on the lesson's theme.

2. Imagine that you are leaving for a students' camp for a week. Make a list of instructions for you parents. Write what they should do and should not do while you are away. Use the word combinations from the box and your own ideas. (Do not show this to your parents.)

get up early enough to take my dog for a walk

walk the dog twice a day

shout at my dog

use my bicycle

watch videos too late at night

be polite to my friends when they call

Do Don't

get up early enough to take my dog for a walk

walk the dog twice a day

clean up after my dog

time to feed my dog

took after other animals

tide up my room

shout at my dog

use my laptop

do not tuch anything on my computer desk

se my bicycle

do not tuch anything suspicious in my room

3. Look at the pictures and complete a scary story.

This story happened in a dark wood in October. There was a little village there, called Green Village where some little animals lived. Tim and Jim were little worms, they enjoyed travelling on their own, without mothers, teachers, elder brothers and sisters.

One day, just before Hallowe'en, Tim and Jim went for a walk. They imagined themselves as brave travellers discovering new lands. It was already very late and dark when little worms decided to back home for dinner. But unfortunately they lost their way. They tried to find the way but in the long run they felt really bad and hungry. They felt scared and decided to shout and cry and call for help. So they started crying and calling for help.

All the village people were standing round the little pumpkin, which they had prepared for the Hallowe'en lantern. They were listening to a strange noise and shouts coming out of the pumpkin.

"It's a real Hallowe'en, " they thought, "but we've never seen how ghosts and witches celebrate it inside a pumpkin."

Пеpeвод: Эта история случилась в темном лесу в октябре. Там была маленький деревушка, которая называлась Гринвиллидж, там жили маленькие животные. Тим и Джим были маленькими червяками, они любили путешествовать сами по себе, без мам, учителей, старших братьев и сестер.

Однажды, накануне Хэллоуина Тим и Джим пошли прогуляться. Они вообразили себя бесстрашными путешественниками, исследующими новые земли. Было уже поздно и темно, когда маленькие червяки решили вернуться домой на ужин. Но к несчастью они потерялись. Они пытались найти дорогу домой, но, в конечном счете, они почувствовали себя очень плохо и оголодали. Они испугались и решили кричать, плакать и звать на помощь. Так что они начали кричать и звать на помощь.

Все жители деревеньки стояли вокруг маленькой тыквы, которую они приготовили для фонаря на Хэллоуин. Они слышали странный шум и крики, доносившиеся из тыквы.

"Настоящий Хэллоуин", - подумали они, - "Но мы никогда не видели, чтобы призраки и ведьмы праздновали его внутри тыквы!"

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