Section 2 - Тетрадь Enjoy English Биболетова 8 класс (ответы)

1. Practing reading. Write down the words which have similar pronuncation to the Russian words.

2. a) Read the names of nine major planets in our Solat Systems:

b) Look at the map of the Solar Systems and write the names of the planets. Consult any encyclopedia.

3. Choose two planets from Ex.2 and make passport for them. You will find an example in you textbook in Ex.32, p.12. Add one more section to each passport with the heading "Distinguishing marks", were you put some unusual and interesting facts about the planets. Share with informations with your classmates.

4. Answer the following questions. Write down the answers:

5. Answer the questions. Give your reasons why you belive or don't belive it. Use the reasons from the box below and your own ones.

6. Imagine that you have been given a chance to build and new word on another planet. Write a fiction story, describing how people live on this planet (climate, people's lifestyle, occupations and hobbies). Use the words from your textbook. If you want, you can draw an illustration of your story or stick any appropriate picture in the space below.

7. Translate from Russian into English.

1. В комнате Джона не было места для нового теннисного стола.

2. В будущем люди смогут совершать космические путешествитя с одной планеты на другую.

3. Каждую субботу программа "Утренняя звезда" открывает для нас новые звезды в мире музыки.

4. Солнечная система - это лишь маленькая часть в огромной Вселенной.

5. Русский космонавт Юрий Гагарин был первым человеком в космосе.

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