Section 6 - Тетрадь Enjoy English Биболетова 8 класс (ответы)

1. Fill in the words. Underline the mute consonants.

2. Match the phrases and write the numbers in the boxes below the table.

3. Use the given verbs and write the following in the reported speech. (See Ex.84 on p.79, Student's Book). The firts one is done for you.

Example: 1. The boy to his classmate:"I can help you"/ (offer) - The boy offered his help to his classmate.

4. a) Jim sometimes makes firm decisions to change for the better from next Monday. Match the phrases from the two columns and write the numbers in the boxes below the table.

b) A year has passed, but nothing has changed in Jim's life. Write that you did not believe he would keep his word anyway.

Example: I did not believe he would quiet eating sweets and would jog and cycle.

5. Complete the dialogue and act it out.

Two classmates are speaking before the lessons:

- You know, I met a fortune-teller yesterday.

- Oh, and what did you ask her about?

- I asked her a lot of things I've always been curious about.

I asked

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