3c - Тетрадь Spotlight Ваулина 9 класс (ответы)

1. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct past tense.

2. Rewrite the sentences using used to. Use would where possible.

1. Marion used to have dark hair, but now she has  blonde hair.

2. Simon didn't use to read comics when he was at school.

3. Edward's granddad would/used to walk for an hour to et to school when he was a child.

4. Claire would/used to train every day when she was younger.

5. Ben used to work in a shop, but now he works in a museum.

6. Diana used to live in the countryside before she moved to the city.

3. Circle the mistake (A or B) and then correct it, as in the example.

2. At 10 am yesterday morning, Sarah was cooking while her sister was tidying her room.
3. Tom had been waiting for Jessica for an hour before she arrived,so he was upset.
4. After Charlie had cut the grass, he watered the flowers.
5. Helen used to live in London before she moved to Madrid.
6. Mike bumped into an old friend of his while he was jogging in the park.
7. When she came home, Natalie fed her cat, made dinner and watched some TV.

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