4g - Тетрадь Spotlight Ваулина 9 класс (ответы)

1. Read the text once quickly and choose an appropriate title.

D. Keep a Social Balance with Social Networking.

2. Complete the text with the missing phrases. There is one extra phrase.

A. the effect of social networking on society is necessarily positive
B. receive messages from other users who they have accepted as friends
C. have less face-to-face communication
D. social networking could soon do the same for email
E. spend a lot of money on upgrading their computers
F. get hooked on social networking sites
G. allow users advanced levels of communication

3. Choose the correct definition for the highlighted words in the text.

1. vital - important
2. common - shared
3. widespread - very popular
4. accepts - agrees
5. complicated - difficult

4. Answer the questions.

1. What are two reasons for the popularity of social networking?

It allows people to find lost friends or keep in contact with friends that are far away.

2. How can social networking cause problems at work?

Office workers waste time on social networking sites when they should be concentrating on their work.

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