5h - Тетрадь Spotlight Ваулина 9 класс (ответы)

1. Mark the adjectives P (poisitive) or N (negative). Then use them to complete the sentences below.

1. slallow N
2. likeable P
3. intelligent P
4. hardworking P
5. irresponsible N
6. talented P
7. creative P
8. irritating N

1. Good Will Hungting is a film about an intelligent man who can answer difficult maths questions.
2. The acting was extremely shallow; none of the actors portrayed the real emotions of their characters.
3. Kate is a very creative painter who always finds new artistic ways to express her ideas.
4. It is irresponsible of parents to let their children watch films showing violence.
5. Many people found the background music of the play to be very irritating and wanted it to stop.
6. The main character in the novel is a likeable girl called Kate, who is always friendly to the people she meets.
7. A film director must be hardworking, becouse sometimes it takes all day to shoot ine scene.
8. Mark is a very talented artist; it seems he was born with the gift to paint.

2. Circle the odd word out.

1. lawyer
2. folk
3. composer
4. creative
5. photographer

3. Fill in: disagree, compositions, turn up, geniuses, artistic, leading.

1) Turn up your radio for the latest album by 2) leading rock group Radiohead! In Rainbows marks the band's change to a more 3) artistic style of music with many songs sounding more like classical 4) compositions than rock tunes. After this album few would 5) disagree that Radiohead are 6) geniuses of the music industry.

4. Fill in the crossword using the words that complete the sentences. The first letter of each word is given.


2. Some people believe a replica of the Mona Lisa hangs in the Louvre while they keep the original in a safer place.
4. In The Merchant of Venice, Portia uses a disguise to make it appear she is a young lawyer.
6. The battle of good versus evil has been a popular theme in films for decades.
7. The author didn't write under his real name because he wanted to hide his identity.
8. The main themes of the novel are love and destiny.


1. They assured the artist her paintings would fetch a high price at the art exhibition.
3. The stiry is anout an heiress who gets a beautiful castle when her father dies.
5. Many of Charles Dicken's novels reflect the difficult lives of poor families in 19th century England.

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