6f - Тетрадь Spotlight Ваулина 9 класс (ответы)

1. Match the phrasal verbs to their definitions and then use them in their correct form to complete the sentences.

1. After you check in, someone will help you carry your luggage to your room.
2. Alice always checks on her children to make sure they are sleeping safely before she goes to bed herself.
3. Laura checked off the item on her shopping list as she went around the supermarket.
4. Would you like to check out the new amusement arcade this weekend?
5. Peter was asked to return his room key when he cheked out of the hotel.
6. Every now and then my parents go to my school to check up on how I'm doing.

2. Underline the correct word.

Bill: Excuse me, could you give me directions to the train station, please?
Ann: Cartainly. Go down this pedestrain street and turn left at a sign that says "Charing Cross".
Bill: OK. Is it far from here?
Ann: Around 50 metres. The station is just past the community centre. You will probably see a line of people outside the ticket office.
Bill: Thank for your help.

3. Fill in: to, into, with, of (x2), from.

A vet named Dr Elisabeth Svendsen got tired of bursting into tears every time she saw a neglected donkey. In 1969 she decicded to start a charity to help them. The Donkey Sanctuary has been taking care of abandoned or mistreated donkeys for nearly forty years. Over 12 thousand donkeys have been rescued from conditions of suffering around the world. Volunteers at the Donkey Sanctuary show kindness to these peaceful animals and give them a better home. If you've ever thought of getting involved with an animal charity, the Donkey Sanctuary is the perfect place to start. We are always looking for donations and volunteers. Visit our website www.donkeysanctuayr.org.uk. and see how you can help.

4. Complete the sentences with the correct word derived from the words in bold.

1. Peter gets a great deal of enjoyment out of playing golf with his friends.
2. You should have seen the happiness of the children's faces when I told them we were going to the toy shop!
3. Is there any possibility that Alex will lend me his laptop? 
4. After thirty years of marriage, Mr and Mrs Johnson are still as happy as they were of the day of their wedding.
5. Full membership of the gym costs 200 pounds per year.
6. What I like about this neighbourhood is that it's nice and quiet.
7. A new translation of Nikolai Gogol's short stories in English has recently been published.
8. Rugby is slowly growing in popularity in Eastern Europe.

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