7c - Тетрадь Spotlight Ваулина 9 класс (ответы)

1. Use the verbs in the list in the correct tense to complete the sentences. Then say what type of conditional each sentence is, as in the example.

2. If he didn't eat, 2nd so many sweets, he would not have to visit the dentist so often!
3. If you weren't, 2nd afraid of heights, I'd take you on a helicopter ride with me.
4. If James continues, 1st driving so carelessly, he will have an accident.
5. Their park would be tidler if everybody threw, 2nd their ribbish in the bins.
6. If we visit, 1st Italy next year, we'll go on a tour of all the important historical sites.
7. If he had locked, 3rd the window, the thief would not have got in.
8. You get sunburn when you sit, zero out in the sun too long.

2. Underline the correct item.

1. When George sees a dog in the street, he freezes because he's terribly afraid on them.
2. We can go to the new Thai restaurant tonight, unless you'd rather stay in.
3. Would you scream if a big spider crawled up your leg?
4. Helen wouldn't have been so upset if you had told her the whole truth.
5. When I miss the bus, I'm late for school.
6. Jane won't be able to improve in painting if she doesn,t practise more often.

3. Rewrite the following sentences to express a wish for the present or regret for the past, as in the example.

4. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense.

1. A: I didn't know Gary wanted to quit his job. If only he had told me! 
B: Why? What would you have done if he had let you know?

2. A: I wish you weren't leaving. I hate being home alone.
B: Look, if you're really afraid of being alone, I will stay and keep you company until your parents get back.

3. A: Nick says he won't come to the concert unless we pay for his ticket, too.
B: Oh, come on! He's just jocking! I wish you didn't take him so seriously all the time.

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