8c - Тетрадь Spotlight Ваулина 9 класс (ответы)

1. Underline the correct tense. Whar were the speacker's exact words?

2. A: Is Monica coming to the art gallery?
B: No. She said she would go out. ("I'll go out with you next time.")

3. A: Has Clark called Mary?
B: No. He told me he didn't have her number. ("I don't have her nomber.")

4. A: Have they delivered your new furniture yet?
B: No. They told me they were bringing it on Monday. ("We're bringing it on Monday.")

5. A: Has Helen heard from George?
B: No. She told me that she hadn't seen him since Christmas. ("I haven't seen him since Christmas.")

2. Turn the following sentences into reported speech using the verbs: warm, threaten, beg, advise, promise, offer, remind.

3. Read the speech bubbles amd match them to the sentences. Then complete the sentences in reported speech, as in the example.

2. Melanie wasn't feeling well, so her mum told her to take som aspirin and go to bed early.
3. Michael wanted to start exercising more, so I told him (that) he could try jogging in the mornings.
4. My leg still hurts after the accident, so the doctor told me not to do any sports until it got better.
5. Philip's scanner was broken, so he said (that) he was going to by a new one.
6. I asked Julie how Emma was, but she said (that) she hadn't seen her lately.

4. Choose the correct word.

1. Marion has done all the chores. There is nothing for you to do.
2. They told the pollice everything they knew.
3. I think I see something moving in the garden.
4. Would you like something to eat? I've just made dinner.
5. Nobody wanted to follow him on his trekking excursion, so he went alone.
6. Little Tommy takes that toy car everywhere he goes.
7. There weren't enough seats for everyone, so some of us stood in the black.

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