Рабочая тетрадь Enjoy English для 4 класса (М. Биболетова, О. Денисенко, Н. Трубанева) (ответы на вопросы)

Unit 1. Speaking about seasons and the weather

Sections 1. What is your favourite seasons?

Sections 2. Speaking about the future

Sections 3. When the weather is fine...

Test yourself 1

Unit 2. Enjoying your home

Sections 1. Describing your house

Sections 2. What is there in your room?

Sections 3. Home sweet home

Test yourself 2

Unit 3. Being happy in the country and in the city

Sections 1. We like the place we live!

Sections 2. Are they different: the country and the city?

Sections 3. People and animals in the country and in the city

Test yourself 3

Unit 4. Telling stories

       Sections 1. Reading last summer story

       Sections 2. In the world of fantasy

       Sections 3. How to ask questions in the Past Siple

       Test yourself 4

Unit 5. Having a good time with your family

        Section 1. Being happy together!

        Section 2. What do you do to help your family?

        Section 3. Answering phone calls

        Section 4. Let us try to be polite

        Test yourself 5

Unit 6. Shopping for everything

        Section 1. Shopping for clothes

        Section 2. There is no bad weather, there are only bad clothes

        Section 3. Shopping for food

        Test yourself 6

Unit 7. School is fun

        Section 1. What do we do at school?

        Section 2. The things you can use in the lesson

        Section 3. Reading for pleasure

        Test yourself 7

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