Раздел 2 - Биболетова, Денисенко, Трубанева 5 класс (ответы)

8. Read the words in transcription. Write them down with letters.










9. Put in the missing letters.

independent, curious, understanding, typical, friendly, loving, caring, talkative, naughty.

10. Match the words. Write down 4 sentences with any of these words.

I am very happy. My friends are very friendly. I want to be healthy. My mother is very loving.

11. Write down the opposities.

Example: known - unknown

rude - polite

possible - impossible

happy - unhappy

lucky - unlucky

true - false

friendly - unfriendly

noisy - quiet

pleasant - unpleasant

formal - unformal

12. Choose the correct preposition. Circle it.

1) We are a close family and we get with / up / on well with each other.

2) Where can I change Russian money for / on / into / British pounds?

3) He made friends to / for / with a very smart boy.

4) There are three of / from / with us in our family: mother, father and I.

5) Why are animals important to / for / about people?

6) Last year I read a story of / by / from M.Twain.

13. Describe any two members of your family. Use: I think, usually, sometimes.

Example: I think my mum is sociable and friendly. She likes to invite guests.

I think my brother is clever and industrious. He likes to play computer.

14. Make up a dialogue. Number the sentences in the correct order.

2 - I'm sorry, I didn't see it was on your shoulder.

3 - It's OK. Just take it off.

1 - Do you mind! Your bag is very heavy!

15. Cross out the word with a positive meaning:

1) impossible, impolite, imagine;

2) unknown, understand, unfriendly, unlucky;

3) non-athletic, nothing, normal, non-stop.

16. Do the crossword puzzle. Find and circle 8 occupations. Write them down.

Vet, nurse, librarian, worker, teacher, farmer, manager, dentist.

17. Fill in the blanks. Use a dictionary.

18. Write the rules for Hobbitland. Don't forget to mention all the polite words you know.

Example: Hobbits should say "Goodbye" when they leave their home.

Hobbits should say "Good morning" when they meet friends.

Hobbits should say "Good night" when they go to bed.

Hobbits should say "I'm sorry" when they do somethink bad.

19. Write characteristics needed for these jobs:


- hospitale

- creative

- industrious

- practical

- loving


- responsible

- clever

- inspired

- curious

- responsible


- careful

- caring

- kind

- careful

- brave


- talkative

- friendly

- clever

- interpreter

- loud

Computer programmer:

- intelligent

- clever

- sharp

- logical

- careful


- strong

- brave

- bright

- healthy

- atletic

20. Choose any three jobs for yourself. Write down why you like them.

Vet love animals and I love to help them. Artist I love draw. Computer programmer I understand in the computer and just love to play computer.

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