Раздел 3 - Биболетова, Денисенко, Трубанева 5 класс (ответы)

21. Read the sentences. Circle the correct verb:

1) Vets help / are helping sick animals.

2) What are you doing? - I watch / am watching a very good detective film.

3) What are your hobbies? - I have / am having a lot of hobbies.

4) What foreign languages do you speak? - I speak / am speaking French and Italian.

5) Listen! She plays / is playing the piano.

22. Write the verbs in ing from:

a) Example: answer - answering

listen - listening

do - doing

meet - meeting

eat - eating

play - playing

stay- staying

visit - visiting

b) Example: write - writing (немое "е" перед -ing пропадает)

take - taking

dance - dancing

have - having

give - giving

change - changing

smile - smiling

describe - decribing

arrange - arranging

shake - shaking

c) Example: stop - stopping (согласная перед -ing удваивается, если перед ней стоит краткая гласная под ударением)

begin - beginning

knit - knitting

sit - sitting

jog - jogging

run - running

put - putting

cut - cutting

get - getting

23. Look at the picture. Write down what these people are doing.

Example: Bob is mending his computer.

Alice is readding her book.

Richard is speaking on the phone.

Martin greeting with Richard.

Steve looking in the window.

Wendy lestening a music.

24. Cross out the odd word:

Example: doing, going, playing, sing, making.

1) independent, informal, international, interview, Indian.

2) twelfth, first, sixth, tenth, month, eighth.

3) sociable, timetable, talkative, traditional, typical.

4) opening, enjoying, interesting, answering, describing.

25. Answer the questions. Write down your answers.

1) What are you doing? - I'm doing my homework.

2) What is your pet doing at the moment? - It's meowsing.

3) Is it raining now? - No, it's not.

4) Where are you sitting? - I'm sitting in my room.

5) What are you looking at? - I'm looking at the workbook.

6) What are you writting with? - I'm writting with a pen.

7) What are you going to do after you finish this exercise? - I'm going to learn words.

26. Write down what the members of your family are doing at the moment.

Example: My cousin is cleaning her room.

My mother is preparing soup. My father is playing the computer. My brother(брат) is walking in the street / My sister(сестра) is walking in the street.

27. Read the questions for your new classmate. Put in prepositions if necessary:

- Where are you from?

- Do you miss your old school?

- What kind of music do you like to listen to?

- Do you speak any foreign languages?

- Do you play any musical instrument?

- What are you reading at the moment?

- How are you getting on with your new friends?

28. Translate from Russian into English.

1) "Что ты делаешь?" - "Я смотрю видео".

What are you doing? - I'm watching a video.

2) "Посмотри! Они играют в футбол. А что ты собираешься делать?"

Look! They are playing football. And what are you going to do?

3) "С кем ты разговариваешь по телефону?" - "Я разговариваю с почтальоном. Он читает мне телеграмму".

Who are you speaking to over the telephone? - I'm speaking to a postman. He is reading me the telegramm.

4) "Что вы рассматривате?" - Мы решаем новую гловоломку".

What are you looking at? - We are doing a new puzzle.

29. Put in the missing words: close, sociable, humour, get on, hobby, card, typical, intelligent, naughty, computer.

Dear Linda,

Thank you very much for yout nice Christmas card. You asked me to write about my family. Our family is a typical Russian family: a fother, a mother, two children (my little sister and me) and a cat. We are a close family and we get on well with each other.

My mum is a Science teacher. She is sociable. Her hobby is painting. My dad is a computer programmer. He is intelligent. He has a good sense of humour. My little sister Ann is funny and sometimes naughty.

What is yout family like? Have you got any bothers or sisters?

Hope to hear from you soon.

Your friend, D. Korolev.

30. Wite down the address on the envelope. Use: U.K., Burglay Road, London, 17, Linda Silvester. Don't forget to write your own address.

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