Section 1. Enjoying the weekend - Биболетова, Денисенко, Трубанева 6 класс (ответы)

1. a) Do the puzzle. Find out what the hidden word is

1. It is work which teachers give their students to do at home

2. It is a place where people watch plays

3. It is a book with a long story about imaginary characters and events

4. It is a trip which you make by going on foot, often for plesuare

5. It is a place where you can see collections of different things

6. It is a place where people watch films

7. A ... game is a game in which people move small pieces around on a special surface

1. homework

2. theatre

3. novel

4. walk

5. museum

6. cinema

7. board

The word: weekend

b) Make up your own sentences. Write what you usually do at the weekend. Use the words from the puzzle

Over the weekend, I always do my homework for next week. Sometimes the whole family go to the theater, but more often I go to the cinema with my friends. I especially like the fantastic films. In the evenings, I read books, novels. I love weekends!

В выходные я всегда делаю уроки на следующую неделю. Иногда мы всей семьей ходим в театр, но чаще всего я хожу с друзьями в кино. Особенно мне нравятся фантастические фильмы. По вечерам я читаю книги, романы. Я люблю выходные!

2. Write sentences. Use the Present Simple or the Present Continuous

Example: I usually go (go) to the cinemaon Saturdays but this evening I am playing (play) Monopoly with my friends

1. Simon is making a presentation about Stolenhenge in his room. He likes history. He wants to become an archaeologist.

2. Where is Betty? - She is sleeping. What happened to her? She usually draws or watches TV in the afternoon. - She has fallen ill.

3. Angela often helps her mother in the kitchen. But today she is sitting in her room and browsing the Internet. She needs some information for her report.

4. Mr Brown walks in the park every morning, but it is cold and rainy today. Mr Brown hates bad weather. That's why he is staying at home and reading his newspaper.

3. Write sentences. Use the Past Simple or the Present Perfect

Example: Martin is 7. He has never been (be) to Paris. Last night he wrote (write) a letter to Santa and asked (ask) him about a trip to Disneyland, Paris.

1. A: Last summer, Jane went to London with her class. They rode the London Eye, enjoyed the Science Museum and walked in Hyde Park. They took lots of pictures. Would you like to see her photos?

B: I have already seen them. They are wonderful!

2. A: Have you been to his concert?

B: Not yet. But I was lucky last Monday. I have bought the tickets for his next concert. Would you like to go with me?

A: With pleasure.

3. A: Julia, I phoned you yesterday.

B: Sorry, I missed it.

A: Did you stay at home?

B: No, I took my niece to the funfair. We went on rides and, then, had lunch in the cafe. It was such fun.

A: I see. I was to the funfair last weekend. And I liked it, too.

4. Complete the sentences

Use: have to, has to, had to, will have to

Example: Last weekend, she had to stay at home to took care of her little sister

1. Did you have to wear school uniform? - Yes, I do. All the students wear it.

2. Clara has to work hard, doesn't she? - Yes, but she likes her job.

3. Next week, they will have to present their project about the wonders of nature.

4. During the Great Patriotic War thousands of teenagers had to leave school and begin working in factories.

5. Does Susan have to get up early in the morning? - Yes. She lives a long way from school.

6. Why are you late, Dylan? - Sorry, I had to go back home. I forgot my homework.

5. Translate the sentences from Russian into English

1. Джон, ты уже умылся? Пора завтракать.

John, have you already washed your face? It's time to have breakfast

2. В выходные мы ездили загород. Погода была прекрасной, и мы хорошо провели время.

We went to the country at the weekend. The weather was fine and we had a good time there

3. - У тебя есть книга о Френсис Дрейке? - Нет. Но ты можешь взять ее в библиотеке.

- Have you got a bookabout Francic Drake? - No, I haven't. But you can take it in the library

4. Я думаю, что конфеты понравятся Эмми. Она - сладкоежка.

I think that Emma will like she sweets. She has a sweet tooth

5. Вильям должен принять участие в соревнованиях. Он очень хорошо играет в теннис.

William has to / must take part in the competition. He plays tennis very well

6. Сэму не надо делать уроки на понедельник. Он сделал их в субботу.

Sam doesn't have to do is homework for Monday. He did it on Saturday

6. Complete the sentences

If you want to:

1. get only good marks, you have to do your homework

2. take part in the cycling trips, you should buy a bike

3. learn to play Monopoly, you must often play it

4. have a pet, you should ask the parents

5. become a famous musician, you have to study a lot

6. learn a foreign language, you need to deal with constantly

7. Read the text and write questions for the answer

1. What is Ireland famous for?

- For its beautiful nature.

2. Where is the Giant's Causeway situated?

- In the north of the island.

3. Did Finn MacCool live in Scotland? / Finn MacCool lived in Scotland, didn't he?

- No, in Ireland

4. Why did Finn MacCool start to build a bridge?

- Because of the Irish Sea.

5. How many columns are there in the Giant's Causeway?

- Forty thousand.

6. Is the Giant's Causeway popular with tourists? / The Giant's Causeway is very popular with tourists, isn't it?

- Yes, it is. Thousands of them go there to see it.

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