Section 1. Would you like to feel the spirit of adventure? - Биболетова, Денисенко, Трубанева 6 класс (ответы)

1. Put in the missing letters.

Adventure, experience, unknown, extraordinary, incredible, boring, ordinary, safety, exciting, practice, usual.

2. Choose the opposites. Write them down in pairs.

Example: slow - fast, to stop - to start.

a) Dangerous - safe

extraordinary - usual

incredible - ordinary

real - unreal

serious - funny

polite - impolite

ancient - modern

tall - short

handsome - ugly

athletic - non-athletic

strong - weak

hard-working - lazy

obedient - naughty

noisy - quiet

b) to agree - to disagree

to put on - to take off

to forget - to remember

to be right - to be wrong

to start - to stop

to repair - to break

to love - to hate

to find - to lose

to close - to open

to give - to take

to sit - to stand

to talk - to keep silent

3. Put th words in the correct order to make sentences.

1) We collected all the necessary things for camping.

2) My father took a fishing boat.

3) My sister likes hiking best of all.

4) I love being in the countryside.

5) This beautiful river runs into a lake.

6) My classmates arranged a summer cross-country trip.

4. Complete the table.

Singular (one)Plural (two or more)
flower flowers
man men
woman women
child children
mouse mice
Singular (one)Plural (two or more)
foot feet
baby babies
party parties
shelf shelves
wife wives

5. Complete the sentences.

1) Some people are always late.

2) I need my glasses but I can't find them?

3) I like your jeans? - Where did you buy them?

4) I need a pair of new trousers.

5) I am going to buy a pair shorts tomorrow.

6) How many socks are in your backpack?

7) I don't like mice. I'm afraid of them.

6. Look at the pictures. Label the things you need when you are preparing for a camping trip.

7. a) You are going to take part in a cross-country trip in winter. Look at the list of clothes and write down what things you are going to take with you.

I am going on a cross-country trip in the winter. I am going to take a pair of jeans, boots, a sweater, a map, a coat, at ent, a backpack, a scarf, three pairs of warm socks.

b) Your friend is going to take part in a cross-country trip in summer. Look at the list of clothes and write down what things he/she is going to take with him/her.

She is going to take a cross-country trip in the summer. She is going to take a pair of shorts, two T-shirts, a cap, three pair of shoes, a map, a tent, a compass.

8. Match the words. Write five sentences with any of the word combinations.

Example: I am fond of travelling.

to be fond of

to be proud of

to be tired with

to be full of

to be famous for

to be different from

to be fond of

to look for

to look out

to look at

1) My dog likes to look out of the window.

2) What are looking for? - My glasses.

3) I'm so tired of all these troubles!

4) The mother can be proud of her son.

5) This countryside is completely different from the on we visited yesterday.

9. Fill in the gaps.

to go to bed - ложиться спать

to go for a walk - идти на прогулку

идти на рыбалку - to go to fishing

продолжать - to go on

to go hiking - идти в поход

to go by bike - ездить на велосипеде

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