Section 1. Would you like to take part in the international Internet project? - Биболетова, Денисенко, Трубанева 6 класс (ответы)

1. Write down the words with these sounds

Use: represent, third, member, jeans, special, fine, theerteenth, idea, arrive, quiz, find, juice, January, invite, throuhg, manage, already, nothing, just

- fine, idea, arrive,find, invite.

- represent, member, special, already.

- jeans, juice, January, manage, just.

- third, theerteenth, throuhg, nothing.

- quiz.

2. Put in the missing letters

quiz, thrilling, post, experiense, connect, project, website, comment, progress, interview, Internet, participant

3. Choose the opposites. Write them down in pairs

Example: interesting - boring

unusual - usual

popular - unpopular

thrilling - boring

strange - ordinary

important - unimportant

fantastic -real

modern - old

4. Fill in the gaps

do homework

выполнять домашнюю работу

do a crossword

решать кроссворд


do good

приносить пользу

do the shopping

ходить за покупками

make a mistake

совершать ошибку

make a fire

разводить огонь


make friends

заводить друзей

make progress


5. Make sentences. Write them down

1. Can you take pat in our ineresting quiz?

2. My friend and I saw a thrilling film yesterday?

3. Will you post comments about your latest school events?

4. Did they make new friends during their last trip?

5. Tom has got experience in creating an Internet project!

6. This website will connect a lot of students.

6. Translate from Russian into English

1. Я прочитал статью о необычных традициях в разных странах.

I have read an article about unusual traditions in different countries.

2. Мы посетим популярные достопримечательности Москвы на следующей неделе.

We will visit popular Moscow sights next week.

3. Наш класс принимал участие в захватывающих соревнованиях во время прошедших зимних каникул.

Our class took part in thrilling competitions during last winter holidays.

4. В этом журнале всегда можно найти интересные интервью с известными людьми.

You can always find interesting interviews with famous people in this magazine.

5. На этом вебсайте я нашел удивительные фотографии Великобритании.

On this website I have found amazing pictures of Great Britain.

6. Ты интересуешься современной музыкой и новыми кинофильмами?

Are you interested in modern music and new films?

7. Fill in the gaps you personal information for the registration form on the IEC website

Задание выполняется самостоятельно

8. Write to the International Explorer's Club team about what information you think they could add the IEC website

Задание выполняется самостоятельно

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