Section 2. Speaking about animals - Биболетова, Денисенко, Трубанева 6 класс (ответы)

8. a) Nake up the word combinations. Some words can be used more than one time

A peaceful park, exotic reptiles, powerful species, endangered insects, rare animals, a famous book, curious tourists, a modern museum, a colourful magazine, a dangerous desert, useful souvenirs, special activities, amazing species, friendly birds, a smart vet, an unforgettable adventure

b) Make up 3 sentences with the word combinations. Write them down

1) I love to walk in the peaceful park

Я люблю гулять в мирном парке

2) In the zoo, I saw an exotic reptiles

В зоопарке я видел экзотические рептилии

3) My mother has written me a colorful magazine

Моя мама выписала мне красочный журнал

9. Complete the text

Use: plenty, endangered, attraction, although, over, kinds, watch

Chester Zoo is one of the most famous and largest UK zooz. It was opened in 1931 not far from the English town of Chester.

The zoo has plenty of animals, reptiles, birds and insects to see. In fact, there are more than 500  kinds of animals in Chester Zoo. Some of them belong to the most endangered species ot the planet.

In Chester Zoo, visitors can watch the wildlife. The most popular attractions are "Butterfly Journey", "Fruit Bat Forest" and "Elephants of the Asian Forests".

Although Chester Zoo is home to rare animals from all over the world, it also has amazing children's areas and lovely picnics lawns.

Chester Zoo is open 7 days a week from 10 a.m.

10. Combine the sentences. Use: who or which

Example: The rare bird lives on Mauritius. The island is situated in the Ireland Ocean. - The rare bird lives on Mauritius, which is situated in the Ireland Ocean

1. People cill crocodiles for their skin which is used for making bags, belts and shoes

2. More than half of the word's species of plants and animals are in the rainforests which grow in South America and Asia

3. A famous vet works at Chester Zoo which is famous for its rare animals

4. This book about rare animals was written by Alice Wilson who is a director of the wildlife park

5. On Sunday we can go to the Whipsnade wildlife park which is open all the year round

6. Look at the photos of the polar bear! I know the photographer who works for the magazine "All About Animals"

11. Combine the text: make the word in capitals siutable for filling in the blank space

Dear Cathy.

Do you like hedgehogs? We do. Yesterday we went to the Hengehoh Hospital at Prickly Ball Farm. We have learned lots about these funny animals. Here are some of our photo from the farm.

Your granny has two hedgehogs in her garden, doesn't she? So she can leave some bread and places of sweet fruit for them at night.

On the farm, we also fed sheep and cows. Look at the photo! Alice is riding a pony. Isn't she funny?

In the afternoon, we enjoyed tasty cakes and tea in the Whole Hog Cafe. The visit was full of fun.

Have you ever been to Prickly Ball Farm?

Next time, we will (shall) to join us.

Lots of love,

From Alice and Ann








12. a) Read the text

b) Write questions for the answer

1. Where do polar bears live?

- In one of the coldest places on Earth.

2. Is a polar bear an endangered animal?

- No, it isn't. There are many species in the wild and in zoos.

3. How long do polar bears live?

- About 25-30 years.

4. Why was a polar bear the symbol of the Olympic Games  in Canada?

- It is not only a good sportsman, but it also lives in the north of the country.

5. What does a polar bear eat?

- All sorts of things including smaller animals and berries.

6. Are polar bears agressive?

- Yes, they are. It's better to see them at zoo or on the TV.

7. Why has the WWF announsed 2013 the year of the polar bear?

- To protect the polar bears. The situation is really serious.

13. Choose any of the animals (an elephant, a penguin, a dolphin, a tiger, a camel, a whale, a lion, a giraffe). Write an essay about it

Use the plan:

1. Where does it live?

2. What does it look like?

3. What does it eat?

4. Why is it in danger (or why is it an endangered animal)?

Penguins live in Antarctica. Penguins are birds, but they do not fly. They have a black back and white belly.

Penguin eating a fish that catches in the ocean.

The life of these animals under threat because of the melting of glaciers lost habitat of penguins. And behind them are hunted by poachers.

Пингвины живут в Антарктиде. Пингвины относятся к птицам, но они не летают. У них черная спинка и белое брюшко.

Пингвин ест рыбу, которую ловит в океане.

Жизнь этих животных под угрозой, потому что из-за таяния ледников пропадает среда обитания пингвинов. И за ними охотятся браконьеры.

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