Section 2. Talking about the great explorers of the world - Биболетова, Денисенко, Трубанева 6 класс (ответы)

10. Who is "an explorer"? Write a definition of the word. Use the information from the Student's Book, Ex.27, p.136.

An explorer is a person who travels to unknown places in order to fint out new information about them.

11. Write the questions for the following sentence:

Afanasy Nikitin travelled from Russia to India and described his trip in the book The journey beyond three seas.

Who travelled from Russia to India?

What did Afanasy Nikitin do?

What did Afanasy Nikitin describe in the book?

When did Afanasy Nikitin travel?

Where did Afanasy Nikitin travel ib 1466-1469?

12. Write three words for the nouns bellow. Use the example.

Example: adventure: incredible, extraordinary, to have.

1) expedition: exiting, tropical, dangerous.

2) captain: smart, kind, important.

3) report: a detailed report, recent news report, a research report,

4) explorer: an Arctic explorer, a brave explorer, a sea explorer.

13. Put in the missing words.

Use: height, absolutely, discovered, a trip, records, comfortable, inventors, exciting.

From the earliest times, people have wanted to fly, As long ago as the eighteens century, people have experimented with travelling in balloons. In 1783, a group of inventors had succes flying a balloon. Since then, scientist have discovered a lot about aeronautics and broken many records in ballooning,

By 1961, men were able to send a manned balloon to a height of 35 kilometres. Then in 1999, a balloon made a trip around the world for the first time. It took 19 days.

Balloonist say that the bird's eye view feels exciting and flying in a balloon is very comfortable because it moves with the mind. Passengers feel absolutely free.

14. Write the most important facts of James Cook's biography. Use the information from the text (Student's Book, Ex.31, p.137).

1728 - he was born;

1757 - joined one of the King's ship as a captain's assistent;

1763 - he served in North America;

1768 - first trip around the world;

1772 - second trip around the world;

1776 - last trip;

1779 - he was killed by the native people of some Hawaiian island.

15. Translate from Russian into English.

The notes from a tourist's diary.


1) have gone on foot 120 hours, it's about 300-350 km.

2) have flown by plane 33 hours during mine flights.

3) have gone by train 6,5 days.

4) have gone by bus and by cars 81 hour, it's about 24 450 km.

5) have lived it tents for 24 nights.

6) have visited 22 cities.

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