Section 3. What popular sports in Britain and Russia do you know? - Биболетова, Денисенко, Трубанева 6 класс (ответы)

16. Read the words in transcriptions. Write them down with letters.


motor racing




boat racing




horse racing


ice hockey




17. Write questions for these answers.

Example: What British national sports do you know? - The nationak British sports are: football, cricket, tennis and horseracing.

1) What cup is the London? - The Cup Final at Wembley Stadium in London.

2) What competition takes place at Wimbledon every summer? - The biggest tennis competition takes place at Wimbledon evety summer.

3) What is traditional British game? - A traditional British game is cricket.

4) What the most famous racing in England? - The most famous boat racing in England is between Oxford and Cambridge.

5) What are the most popular games in Russia? - Football, ice hockey and volleyball are the most popular games in Russia.

6) What do many people in Russia prefer to watch on TV? - Many people in Russia prefer to watch the evening sports new programm.

7) What activity is popular among Russian people? - Skating is a very popular among Russian people.

18. Answer the following questions.

1) What games are popular in Russia?

Football, ice hockey and volleyball are the most popular games in Russia.

2) Are you fond of sport?

Yes. I'm fond of sport. I like swimming.

3) Is sport important for your family?

Yes, my father plays volleyball, my mother goes to the gym.

19. Write about any sporting event you have visited.

Use: to be fond of all kinds of sports, to become popular long ago, to be organised at school, to be different from championship, traditional game, to take pictures, interesting/ thrilling/ exiting.

My family fond of all kinds of sports. This time we went to the football. Football to become popular long ago. This match organised at our school. This game will be different from the championship, because one play school team. We to take a lot of pictures. The game was interesting.

20. Put in the missing words.

Use: can, run around, small, thought, from, swim, several.

Do you know what zorbing is? - It is unusual kind of sport.

In 1970, special balls were made for hamsters. Pet owners use them to project their small pets. In these balls pets can run around the flat without danger of being lost of injured.

In 1990, two yung guys from New Zealand thought that it would be very funny to make such balls for people! And they made it from plastic. Now there are several kinds of zorbing. You can run down a hill, run inside the ball during winter or summer. You even can swim in a zorb!

It's a lot of fun but you always should listen to the instructor attentively!

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