Section 4. Enjoying the countryside of Wales and Nothern Ireland - Биболетова, Денисенко, Трубанева 6 класс (ответы)

21. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs

Use: swim, read, build, stay, work, watch

1. Plese don't be noisy. I am working.

2. "Where's Ann?" She is in he room. She is watching a film.

3. We are here on holiday. We are staying at the hotel.

4. Look! Somebody is swimming in the river.

5. They are building a new cinema at the moment.

6. My brother is reading a book now.

22. Imagine that you are in Wales. What's happening at the moment? Write down the sentences

1. I'm watching a rugby match at the Millennium Stadium.

2. They're wearing the national costume.

3. I'm taking photos of St Winifred's Well.

4. My friend and I are going to the Snowdonia National Park.

5. I'm buying a map of Cardiff.

6. A tourist is looking for the waterfall.

23. Write down the words with these sounds

Use: scientific, world, giant, tired, word, excursion, early, shipbuilding, dialogue, biking, canoeing, amazing, society, gardening, surfing, fire, iron, earth

- world, word, excursion, early, earth

- shipbuilding, biking, canoeing, amazing, gardening, surfing

- scientific, giant, tired, dialogue, society, fire, iron

24. Complete the sentences with the correct word. Change the adjective in brackets to the comparative or superlative form

1. "I think surfing is the best kind of sport," said the sportsman.

2. The roads of Great Britain are longer then paths of the National Park.

3. The week which the explorers spent in Snowdon was the most wonderful time of their trip.

4. Winter in Russia is colder than in Nothern Ireland.

5. What is the worst food for you? - Tomato soup. It's too spicy for me.

6. What is the largest building in Wales? - The Millennium Stadium, I think.

7. What is the most paceful thing your mum does?  -gardening.

25. Choose the correct answer

Example: Would you like to go surfing? - Of course, I would.

1. How do you like Belfast? - It's beautiful.

2. Is it different from Cardiff? - I think it is.

3. There are a lot of oarks in Northern Ireland, aren't there? - Yes, lots of them.

4. Would you like to visit Edinburgh? - Of course, I would.

5. Is Edinburgh a big city? - I don't know.

26. Write a short story about your fature visit to Nothern Ireland

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