Section 4. Speaking about British school - Биболетова, Денисенко, Трубанева 6 класс (ответы)

21. a) Complete the words. Match them to their meanings

In these lessons, students study

1. M_them_ti_s

2. S_i_nc_

3. H_st_r

4. Fr_nc_

5. G_ogr_ph_

6. A_t

a) natural things. This subject unites knowlege from physics, chemistry and biology.

b) the countries of the word and the people who live in them.

c) how to use numbers and shapes to calculate and describle things.

d) what has happened in the past.

e) how to draw and paint.

f) the language of the European country.

1. Mathematics - c

2. Science - a

3. History - d

4. French - f

5. Geography - b

6. Art - e

b) Answer the following questions (Задание выполняется самостоятельно)

What subjects do you study at school? (Какие предметы ты изучаешь в школе?)

What is your favorite subject? (Какой твой любимы предмет?)

What do you do in your favorite lessons? (Что ты делаешь на твоем любимом уроке?)

22. a) Match the words to make word combinations. Write them down

(to) join (a) school club

(to) wear a chool uniform

(to) learn (a) a foreign language

(to) do (a) ptoject

(to) use (a) dictionary

(to) follow school rules

b) Complete the sentences with the new word combinations

Example: Do the students ... any ... ...? - Yes, two: Spanish and Chinese. - Do the students learn any foreign languages?

1. A: You have 10 minutes to do this task. Any questions?

B: Could I use a dictionary? There are some new words in the text.

2. After classes you can play a tennis or practise dance steps, swim in the new swimming pool, or play the guitar. Just join any school club you like!

3. In most schools, students have to wear a chool uniform. On the one hand, it's nice because you don't have to think about what to put on in the morning. However, on the other hand, it's boring to have it on all year round.

4. In September, my friends and I decided to do a ptoject on our hometown. We have to look throught many historical documents and make a lot of photos.

5. "I'm sorry, I'm late". - "It's the third time this week. You have to follow school rules and come to classes on time".

23. Make up words. Write word combinations with the new words

peaceful countryside, a successful plan, a wonderful underwater, colourful flags, a beautiful rose, a useful rule, a careful answer, a powerful car

an art exhibition, modern communication, protection of wildlife, a big celebration, clear description, space exploration, careful preparation, secondary education

24. Complete the sentences. Circle the right letter

Example: Paul ... the photography club last year

                  a) joins   b) has joined   c) joined

1. Where is Tom? - He is in the canteen. He ... his lunch.

a) has   b) is having   c) has had

2. We ... our project yet. We need two days.

a) don't finish   b) didn't finish   c) haven't finished

3. The school has very good sports facilities, ... it's?

a) doesn't   b) didn't   c) haven't

4. ... you ... thr poem by heart? - Not yet.

a) Do ... learn   b) Are ... learning   c) Have ... learnt

5. Kate ... French and Spanish at school. She is going to be an interpreter.

a) studies   b) has studied   c) studied

6. Last week we ... a very difficult Maths test. Unfortunately, most of the students got low marks.

a) took   b) have taken   c) take

7. "Don't be afraid! You ... a success," the teacher encouraged the young actors before the perfomance.

a) are   b) will be   c) have been

8. Nowadays, in most British scholls students ... wear school uniform

a) have to   b) had to   c) will have to

9. San lives in Africs. He ... never ... snow.

a) do ... see   b) did ... see   c) has ... seen

10. What are you doing? - I ... ... an essay about my school.

a) write   b) am writing   c) wrote

25. Complete the sentences.

Use: with, for, on, at, of

Example: There are plenty of different school clubs which students can join.

1. At first, Shophie got along with her classmates. But the project changed the situation.

2. If you travel with kids, you have to visit ou Fun Park and go on the rides.

3. Do you know that over 500 kinds of animals live in Chester Zoo.

4. What did you do last weekend? - I had a sore throat, so I had to stay at home.

5. What is your hometown famous for? - There is lots to see and enjoy.

6. You can play Monopoly instead of me, if you want.

26. Complete the text: make the word in capitals suitable for filling in the blank space

Nowadays, learning languages is becoming a popular hobby. Our summer school has opened to students who want to improve their English.

The first lesson starts at 9.00 a.m. Our students discuss different topics. act out little plays, and learn the most interesting facts about English history. After lunch, children do projects on British traditions and places of interest. Last year, some of our students took part in a school trip to Iteland and the Isle of Man.

There are plenty of activities which students can choose after the lessons: sports games on the sports ground, music perfomances, disco and so on. If you don't like sport or dancing, you can join one of our clubs. Our school also has various school events: music concerts, festivals and school trips. Next weekend, we will (shall) camping in Wales. We are happy to see you in our school!









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