Section 4. Staying with a British family - Биболетова, Денисенко, Трубанева 6 класс (ответы)

18. Read the words. Write them down info five groups. One word can be put in different groups

Use: tall, pretty, green, beautiful, short, brown, nice, slim, wavy, red, straight, good-looking, grey, fat, long, fair, blue, green, hadsorne, dark

Height: tall, short

Size: slim, fat, ling, plumb

Hair (colour, style): fair, red, dark; straight, wavy

Eyes (colour): green, brown, grey, blue

Appearance: pretty, beautiful, nice, good-looking, handsome

19. Match the words with the oppozite meanings. Write them down

Use: short, happy, slim, young, handsome, athletic, wavy, smart, dark, tall, big, naughty, polite, sad, plumb, fair, small, old, ugly, obedient, rude, sad, stupid, straight, non-athletic

Short - tall, happy - sad, slim - plumb, young - old, handsome - ugly, athletic - non-athletic, wavy - straight, smart - stupid, dark - fair, big - small, naughty - obedient, polite - rude

20. a) Fill in the gaps

Like (любить, нравиться):

- What is she like? (Какая она, какой у нее харакер?)

- What does he look like? (Как он выглядит? На кого он похож?)

- What do you like? (Что ты любишь? Что вы любите?)

- Would you like...? (Хотел бы ты...? Хотели бы вы?)

- like to do/doing (любить делать что-то)

b) Make up questions

Example: What would you like? - An ice cream, plese

1. What is Mike like? - Mike is smart and curious. He is only four but the asks lots of questions

2. What do you like to do? - I like to swim

3. What does Jane look like? - Jane is as tell as her sister. But her hair is red and she wears glasses

4. Would you like some juice? - Yes, plese

5. Do they look like their father? - Yes, they look like their father

6. Do you like to play? - No, I prefer playing badminton

21. Read the words in transcription. Write them down with letters













22. Translate from Russian into English

a) красивая девочка - beautiful girl

приятный молодой мужчина - a handsome young man

гостеприимная семья - a hospitable family

непослушный мальчик - a naughty boy

любящие родители - loving parents

б) 1. У меня есть племянник Алекс. Алекс - сын моей старшей сестры. Ему пять лет. У Алекса светлые волосы и серые глаза. Он похож на свою маму. Алекс любит играть в футбол и рисовать

I have got a nephew, Alex. Alex is my older sister's sun. He is five. He has fair hair and grey eyes. He looks like his mother. Alex likes playing football and drawing

2. Как она выглядит? - У нее волнистые темные волосы. Она носит очки

What is she like? - She has wavy dark hair. She wears glasses

3. На кого похожа твоя племянница? - Она похожа на своего папу

What does your niece look like? - She look likes her father

4. Бабушка, расскажи мне о дедушке. Каким он был? - Он был очень добрым и общительным человеком. У него было много друзей. Ты очень похож на своего деда

Granny, tell me about my grandfather, plese. What was he like? - He was a kind and siciable man. He had a lot of friends. You look like your grandfather

23. Write down the holidays of five people you know

Example: My nephew's birthday is on the third of May

My mother's birthday is on the thirteens of Decenber (У моей мамы день рождения тринадцатого декабря)

My dad's birthday is the ninth of may, Victory day (У моего папы день рождения 9 мая, в день Великой победы)

My little brother has a birthday on 5 December (У моего младшего брата день рождения 5 декабря)

My aunt's birthday the twelfth of January (У моей тети день рождения двенадцатого января)

My cousin's birthday is the twenty-third of September (У моего двоюродного брата день рождения двадцать третьего сентября)

24. Complete the text. Put the verbs in the Past Simple

I woke up at 7 a.m., made my bed and got ready for school. For breakfast I had cornflakes and sandwiches. Then I walked to school with my friends. I didn't walk Jeff, our dog. My mother took him to the park in the morning.

My classes began at 9 a.m. I studied French and Maths. At 10.30 a.m., there was time for a break. We played basketball in the gym. At 12.00, I went back to my house for lunch. After that, I returned to school. We worked on our project about the wonders of nature.

I came home at 3 p.m. First, I did my homework. It wasn't difficult. Next, I cheked my e-mail and wrote the letters to my penfriends in Russia and Italy. I didn't browse the Internet. I didn't have time for that.

At 6 p.m., I had my guitar lesson. After the lesson, I looked after my little brother, Sam. We drew and watched funny cartoons. After dinner, I helped my motherto do the washing up.

At 9 p.m., I went to bed.

25. Write what you did yesterday

Задание выполнятется самостоятельно (по аналогии с заданием 24)

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