Section 5. An Englishman's home is his castle - Биболетова, Денисенко, Трубанева 6 класс (ответы)

26. a) Fill in the letters

Stadium, museum, shopping, centre, post office, supermarket, theatre, cafe, restaurant, monument, bank, library, pharmacy, newsagent

b) In which of the buildings (places) you can hear the following phrases?

Example: "Could I have a cup of tea?" - "In a cafe"

1. "Hurray! He is first!" - "At a stadium"

2. "How much does this dress cost?" - "In a shopping centre"

3. "Don't forget to bring the book back in 10 days!" - "In a library"

4. "Have you got anything for a sore throat?" - "In a pharmacy"

5. "This book is one of the oldest in our collection. It's about 500 years old" - "In a museum"

6. "Can I change roubles for euros?" - "In a bank"

7. "Hush! Be quiet! The perfomance has a already begun!" - "In a theatre"

27. Circle the odd word out

1. a house

2. a town centre

3. a library

4. dangerous

5. celebrate

28. Translate from Russian into English

a) приятный цвет - a pleasant colour

старая сосна - an old pine tree

тихий (мирный) парк - a paceful park

новый торговый центр - a new shopping centre

интересный музей - an interesting museum

школьная библиотека - a school library

б) 1. Мне нравится жить за городом. Рядом с нашим домом растут (есть) высокие сосны. Недалеко - небольшое озеро. Летом мы упаемся в озере и загораем. По утрам с дедушкой ловим рыбу в озере. А ты когда-нибудь ловил рыбу?

 I like living in the countryside. There are tall pine trees near our house. There is a small like not far from the house. In the summer, we cwim in the river and sunbathe. In the motning, my granfather and I go fishing. Have you ever gone fishing?

2. Я живу в центре города. Но рядом с домом есть большой тихий парк. В парке много разных деревьев, красивых цветов и фонтанов. Все члены моей семьи любят этот парк. Утром мой брат бегает в парке. Днем мы с друзьями катаемся на роликах. По выходным мы гуляем в парке

I live in the centre of the city. But there is a big paceful park near our house. There are a lot of different trees, beautiful flowers and fountains in the park. All the members of my family like the park. In the morning my brother goes jogging in the park. In the afternoon my friends and I roller skate there. At weekends we walk in the park

29. Complete the text

Use: historical, valley, modern, happy, stadium, perform, centre

I live in a paceful town which is situated at river valley. On the one hand, my town is famous for its history, old cathedral and historical buildings. But on the other hand, it's a modern town and there are lots of nice places you can go to. There is a new concert hall in our town and popular musicians, pop and rock groups often come and perform in the concert hall.

Young people like the big shopping centre, which has a cinema and different clubs. There is also stadium and three sport centres in the town. Teenagers and adults can swim, run, do aerobics and play football and basketball there.

I'm happy in my town and I don't want to leave it.

30. Match the houses and the words in the box

1. a detached house

2. a terrased house

3. a castle

4. a block of flats

5. a palace

6. a semi-detached house

31. Complete the sentences with who or which

Example: The painter lives in an old town ... is situated on the banks of the Volga. - The painter lives in an old town which is situated on the banks of the Volga.

1. Do you know the name of the French writer who created the novel "Around the world in 80 days"? - Yes, Jules Verne

2. A computer is a machine which stores information

3. Francic Drake was an English explorer who sailed around the world

4. He lives in a semi-detached house which stands in the countryside

5. Do you know the boys who are taking photos of the quests?

6. A dictionary is a book which tells us what words mean

32. Complete the text. Fill in the prepositions to, in, of, at, with, from

Mrs Blake lives in Chester. Chester is a green English city. It is situated not far from Wales. She has a nice house of her own. It is a semi-detached house with two bedrooms. There is a garden at the back and a green lawn in front of the house. Mrs Blakes lives very close to the town centre. The town centre is always full of tourists.

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