Section 5. We are going to visit Scotland! - Биболетова, Денисенко, Трубанева 6 класс (ответы)

27. Fill in the table

Present SimplePast SimpleParticiple IIParticiple I
wear wore worn wearing
get got got getting
take took taken taking
begin began begun beginning
write wrote written writing
sleep slept slept sleeping
catch caught caught catching

28. Underline the word with a general meaning

Example: apple, orange, fruit, grapefruit, lemon.

1. park, museum, hotel, city, garden, street.

2. firefighter, buisinessman, job, artist, singer.

3. kilt, clan, tartan, culture, bagpipe, parade.

4. capital, country, city, centre, region.

5. musician, drama, band, festival, dancer.

29. Match the questions and the answer

1. Have you been to Scotland?

2. Would you like to visit Edinburgh?

3. Did you take part in a festival of Music and Drama?

4. Has your father ever worn a kilt?

5. Has she heard the bagpipes before?

6. Are they going to take part in the Grand Parade?

a) No, he hasn't

b) No, she hasn't

c) Yes, I would

d) No, I didn't

e) Yes, they are

f) No, I haven't

1 f 2 c 3 d 4 a 5 b 6 e

30. Make up your own dialogues and act them out

- Would you like to visit the National Museum of the city?

- Of course, I would.

- We are going to go out there today.

- Great!

- Tomorrow we'll take part in Night at the Museum.

- Fine!

31. Put in the missing words

Use: myself, yourself, herself, himself, itself, ourselves, yourselves, themselves

1. The old woman cooked these tasty cakes by herself.

2. Have you decorated the Christmas tree by yourselves? It's wonderwul.

3. They enjoyed themselves at the disco.

4. I think her nephew will buy presents by himself.

5. Can I take another piece of cake? - Of course, help yourself.

6. I've done it by myself.

7. Look! The cat is washing itself.

32. Answer the questions

Use: herself, ourselves, myself, himself, themselves

1. Who wrote the composition for you? - I did it myself.

2. Who told you about the picnic? - Alice told me herself .

3. Who is the old man talking to? - He is talking to himself.

4. Did Tom help his brother to build the house? - No, they built it themselves.

5. Shall I buy the postcards? - No, we'll by them ourselves.

33. Match the sentences

1. May I have a glass of juice, please?

2. Hello, Billy, happy birthday!

3. What a nice party! We like dancing so much.

4. I'm going on an expedition tomorrow.

a) Good kuck! Take care of youtself!

b) Of course, you may. Help youself!

c) Thank you, come in. Make yourself at home!

d) Enjoy yourself?  

1 - b

2 - c

3 - d

4 - a

34. Complete the sentences about Scotland. Use the information from Student's Book Ex.92, page 99

1. Scotland is the most northern part of Great Britain.

2. Edinburhg is the capital and the cultural centre  of Scotland.

3. Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in the Highlands.

4. There are a lot of beautiful lakes between the green hills.

5. Aberdeen is the biggest oil centre.

6. Glasgow is the most well-known shipbuilding centre.

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