Section 5. Welcome to festivals and holidays in Great Britain and Russia - Биболетова, Денисенко, Трубанева 6 класс (ответы)

28. What are the holidays and special days in Russia and in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Nothern Ireland?

Monthin Russiain the United Kingdom
January New Year Holidays, Christmas New Year's Day
February Defender of the Fatherland Day St.Valentine, Pancake Day
March International Women's Day Mother's Day, Easter
April Easter National Day
May May Day, Victory Day May Day
June Russia Day -
July - -
August - Summer Bank Holiday
September Day of Knowledge Harvest Festival
October - Halloween
November Unity Day Guy Fawkes Day
December New Year's Eve Christmas, Boxing Day, New Year's Eve

29. Finish dialogue. Give short answers possible. Write them down.

Example: Have you decided where to play football? - Yes, I have.

Have you read "The Treasure Island"? - Yes, I have.

Have you finished your homework? - Yes, I have.

30. Write your questions.

1) When do most British people eat pancakes?

2) When do the British race with a frying pan?

3) Who throws a pancake in the air?

4) A special day out is organized, isn't it?

5) When is there in Britain a celebretation of the food grown?

6) What do people do on the Harvest Day?

31. Write down some information about holidays:

a) Today is the 9th of May. Write what you and your family have done today.

Use: enjoy sunny and warm spring weather, remember the brave solders of our country, put flowers on the monuments.

Example: We have celebrated the most important Russian holiday.

1) We enjoyed sunny and warm spring weather.

2) We remembered the brave solders of our country.

3) We have put flowers on the monuments.

b) Today is the 31st of December. Write what you and your family are going now.

Use: buy many presents, decorate the Christmas tree, buy coloured lights and decorations.

Example: We are cooking a special Christmas dinner.

1) We are buying many presents.

2) We are decorating the Christmas tree.

3) We are buying coloured lights and decorations.

c) Remember 1st of September last year. Write what you and your classmate did.

Use: run around in the school yard, draw funny pictures on the blackboard, meet old friends.

Example: We told each other about our summer holidays.

1) We ran around in the school yard.

2) We drew funny pictures on the blackboard.

3) We met old friends.

d) Think about 8th March next year. Write what you and your family will do.

Use: send lovely spring cards, receive small funny presents, give beautiful flowers.

Example: We will think about other mothers and grannies.

1) We will send lovely spring cards.

2) We will receive small funny presents.

3) We will give beautiful flowers.

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