Section 6. What do you know about famous British people? - Биболетова, Денисенко, Трубанева 6 класс (ответы)

35. Fill in the gaps. Use the example.

Example: writer - to write; gardener - a garden.

teacher - to teach

poet - poetry

worker - to work

politician - politics

driver - to drive

builder - to build

musician - music

lawyer - a law

librarian - a library

buisinessman - buisness

scientist - science

actor - to act

musician - music

traveller - to travel

artist - an art

sailor - to sail

36. Match the verbs and prepositions. Write five sentences with any of the word combination.

to listen to

to be proud of

to be tired of

to be famous for

to be rich in

to be affraid of

to be interested in

to cut down

to find out

to give up

37. Match the words and description.

sociable - fond of being with other people: friendly

independent - not needing other things or people

responsible - having the duty of looking after someone or something

intelligent - a person with a quick and clever mind

obedient - doing what one is ordered to do

polite - having or showing good manners

loving - feeling love

38. Translate from Russian into English.

1. She played the lead role in a well-known film.

2. Does this popular actor have many awards?

3. This young writer wrote an amazing book.

4. This talented sportsman won the competition.

5. I want to set a world record in kart racing.

39. Put in the missing words.

Use: know, was born, about, age, well-known, celebrate, died, the eldest, was fond, favourite

Robert Burns, a well-known and popular Scottish poet, was born in 1759.

Burns was born in a poor farming family. There were seven children in it. Robert was the eldest. Robert read a lot. He was fond of reading. His favourite writter was Shakespeare. At the age of 15 he began to write poems. He wrote about people and averyday things. Robert Burns wrote the words of the song "Auld Lang Syne". Scottish people sing this song when they celebrate the 1st of January, New Year's Day. R.Burns died in 1796. People all over the world know and love his poems.

40. Choose on of the famous British people and write about him/her. Stick on his/her photo.

Use the plan:

1. Date of birth (death)

2. Family

3. Occupation

4. What is he/she famous for?

5. Why do you like him/her?

Oscar Wilde - English writer of Irish descent.

He was born Oct. 16, 1854 in Dublin.His father was a renowned ophthalmologist who was also engaged in writing activities. Oscar was the second child in the family.

Oscar was very talkative and quickened, and in the small age was famous for his ability to reinterpret humorous school events.

In 1881 he published his first collection of poems "Poems". In 1890, the band released a single novel that finally brings Wilde stunning success - "Portrait of Dorian Gray"

Wilde died on November 30, 1900 in Paris godv.

Like Oscar Wilde for his works. They are very interesting and instructive.

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