Sectoin 4. Exploring the water world's adventure - Биболетова, Денисенко, Трубанева 6 класс (ответы)

21. Fill in the table.

Name of explorerThe country he/she was born inThe journey of discovery
Afanasiy Nikitein Russia India
Vasco de Gama Portugal An ocean route from Portugal to the East
Christopher Columbus Spain America
James Cook England New Zealand, Australia
Dmitriy Shparo Russia The North Pole
Lubov Sluchevskaya Russia Africa
Alexandra Tolstoy England West Asia
Jacques Yves Cousteau France Ocean and seas

22. Complete the sentences.

1) Jacques Yves Cousteau was a sea explore by profession.

2) Together with a French engineer, Captain Cousteau created the aqualung.

3) During next 40 years Captain Cousteau with his team explored the sea and rivers of the world.

4) "Calypso" was a ship modified into an oceanographic boat with instruments for diving and scientific research.

5) Captain Cousteau was an author of 50 popular book.

6) The films of Calipso's adventure Drew the public's attentions to the protection of nature and ocean life.

23. Fill in the gaps.

24. Match the word combinations. Use the right prepositions.


1) BY - plane, train, boat, car

2) ON - bike, horse, ski, foot

25. Translate from Russian into English.

British schoolchildren's records of tourism.

The travellers:

- have been to three parts of the world: in Europe, Asia and America.

- have seen the biggest bridge and highest tower.

- have crossed two oceans: the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans.

- have passed by two biggest countries: Russia and Canada.

- have seen the most beautiful waterfalls of Niagara.

- have gone along the longest street.

26. a) Read the text and comlete the questions.

b) Complete and answer the questions.

1) Who is the largest animals on the Earth?

A Whale is the largest animals on the Earth.

2) Are they fish or mammals?

Are they mammals.

3) Who is larger - a whale or a elephant?

The blue whale larger then elephant.

4) How long do whales live?

Scientist think blue whales live for at least 80-90 years.

5) What do they usually eat?

Blue whales eat plankton.

6) What do scientist use to record whales?

Scientist often use under water mcropones to record it.

27. Write a short report "What I want to do when I grow up"?

When I grow up, I will be traveling. I want to see all the famous places that we go to school in the classroom.

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