Test yourself. Section 1-2 - Биболетова, Денисенко, Трубанева 6 класс (ответы)

1. a) Match the words to make phrases.

to walk our dog

to provid first aid

to develop skills

to cook the meals

to go hiking

to travel on foot

b) Complete the sentences with the new word combination.

Example: I walk our dog every evening. It's my duty.

1) My sister is a nurse. She taught me how to provide first aid.

2) Every day practice can help you to develop skills of swimming.

3) Today it's your turn to cook the meals I spent yesterday in the kitchen.

4) What things do I need to go hiking? - A compass and comfortable boots first of all.

5) I like to travel on foot best of all. It is the healthy way to get to a place.

2.Complete the text.

Use: stop, boots, backoack, pair, trips, and, up.

Cross-country trips are always interesting. If you are going to spend some time in the countryside, read these helpful rules.

First of all, collect together all the necessary things and put them into your backpack. There should be a compass, sun glasses and a flashlight. The main thing is your hiking boots. They should be comfortable. We also recommend taking a pair of jeans and a jacket, just in case of rain.

After some hours walking, stop to have a rest. In the evening, put up your tents in a dry field and make a fire.

We wish you all the best,

First Adventure Team, Cambridge.

3. Complete the sentences. Circle the right letter.

Example: I ... the letter yet. - You should wait till tomorrow.

                  a) haven't got        b) didn't get        c) won't get

1) Martin ... back and forward at the moment. He is nervous about the game.

a) will walk        b) is walking         c) has walked

2) My father ... a dog in the evening every day.

a) walked        b) is walking       c) walks

3) I ... to bed at 9 p.m. I promise, Mum!

a) am going       b) will go        c) have gone

4) We ... fishing with my uncle last month.

a) don't go       b) didn't go      c) haven't go

5) - What ... you... ? Can we go for a walk now? - My homework. I'll call you in half an hour.

a) are ... doing        b) do ... do        c) did ... do

6) - The train to Oxford ... already ... / The next is in half-an-hour.

a) has ... gone        b) is ... going       c) will ... go

7) My sister always ... mother to cook our meals.

a) helped        b) is helping       c) helps

8) I ... all the exercises already.

a) will do        b) have done        c) am doing

9) My classmates ... hiking last week.

a) went        b) go        c) am doing

10) At summer camp we ... on boats, I think.

a) are sailing        b) have sailed        c) will sail

11) My elder brother ... many foreign countries yet.

a) won't visit        b) hasn't visited       c) didn't visit

12) ... you come to my birthday party on Saturday?

a) Do        b) Have         c) Will

4. Ask questions for the following sentence.

Example: How much does this T-shirt cost? - This T-shirt costs ten pounds.

1) Who found some old coins during a hiking a week ago? - Nick found some old coins during  a hiking trip a week ago.

2) What have got in your backpack? - I have got a flashlight and a sandwich in my backpack.

3) When will trip be? - The trip will be on Sunday.

4) Where is George? - George is in that green tent.

5) How many days did you spend in Stratford? - I spend four days in Stratford.

6) Why is she crying? - She is crying because she fell down on the ground.

7) What colour is your bike? - My bike is black and yellow.

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