Test yourself. Section 1-3 - Биболетова, Денисенко, Трубанева 6 класс (ответы)

1. a) Match the words to make phrases.

to have some trouble

to celebrate Christmas

to make he mistake

to do the shopping

to connect people

to get some experience

b) Complete the sentences with the new word combination in the correct form.

Example: During our visit to Ireland, we had trouble understanding people there.

1) We are a close family, and we always celebrate holidays together. My favourite is Christmas.

2) I didn't make a mistake in the Maths test last week. So I've got an excellent mark!

3) What can connect people from different countries? - A common project.

4) My sister likes to do the shopping. She spends all her free time in shopping centres.

5) If you take part in our project, you will get some experience in creating computer games.

2. Complete the letter.

Use: thrilling, сlover, experience, explorer, brings, changeable, trouble.

Dear Danny,

Thank you for your letter. I didn't know that you are a real explorer.

I am going to tell you about my amazing experience travelling. A month ago I took part in a trip around Bellfast. We went hiking and slept in tents. At first, it wasn't very comfortable to sleep in the tents. But later, I didn't have any trouble sleeping in the tent.

During the trip, the weather was changeable, Although it was usually rainy and cool in the morning, it was sunny and warm later during the day.

The whole trip was thrilling. We visited places which tourists very rarely visit, enjoyed the lovely countryside and took lots of photos. During the trip, I found a fout-leaf clover. They say it brings good luck, so maybe one day I'll become a real explorer. too!

Plese, write more to mo more about your trips and adventures! Where are you going to next summer?

Best wishes,


3. Write down the dates.

Example: My granddad was born in ... (1949). - My granddad was born in nineteen-forty nine.

1) When are Olympic Games going to be in Sochi? - In twenty forteen.

2) This ancient town was discovered in eighteen-ninety eight.

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