Test yourself. Section 3-6 - Биболетова, Денисенко, Трубанева 6 класс (ответы)

1. Complete the sentences. Circle the right letter.

Example: I ... beautiful flowers to my teacher on the first of September last year.

                  a) gave        b) miss        c) sell

1) What do you always ... on a Christmas tree before the celebration?

a) send        b) put        c) take

2) Has Nick ... the final of the swimming competition?

a) come        b) reached        c) chosen

3) Paul will ... his old friends again after the summer holidays.

a) meet        b) bring        c) play

4) Mathew ... part in motor racing competitions.

a) visits        b) has        c) takes

5) My sister ... a lovely Valentine's Day card on the 14th of February.

a) heard        b) received        c) begun

6) A group of students ... a lot of new friends during their stay in Cambridge.

a) did         b) made         c) caught

7) I want to ... a scientist or explorer, because I want to discover the secrets of nature.

a) come         b) bring         c) become

8) - What's this? I can ... something tasty! - Mum is cooking an apple pie.

a) smell        b) swim         c) spell

2. Complete the text.

Use: spread, physical, cricket, yourself, exiting, .

Correspondent: Timothy, would you mind answering some questions?

Timothy: With pleasure.

Correspondent: Do the British have any national sports?

Timothy: I think cricket is one. It became popular in the UK and then spread throughout the world.

Correspondent: Do you play it yourself?

Timothy: Yes, I do. Our P.E. teacher organized a cricket school club where children can develop their physical abilities.

Correspondent: Do you take part in competitions?

Timothy: Of course. Now I'm going to take part in the biggest competition of this year. Usually a lot of people come to watch the game. The game will be exciting, I'm sure.

Correspondent: I wish you luck.

Timothy: Thank you. I'll do my best.

3. Read the descriptions and write the words. All words are nouns.

Example: It is the most popular sports game in the world.           f o o t b a l l

1) It lives in the sea and has no bones.                                   jellitish

2) This creature has eight legs and swims very well.           octopus

3) If it's dark you can use is to find the way.                            flashlights

4) It is a long and difficult trip for explorers.                            expedition

5) You keep your things in this during a hiking trip.              rucksack

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