Test yourself. Section 4-6 - Биболетова, Денисенко, Трубанева 6 класс (ответы)

1. Complete the sentences. Underline the right variant

Example: In the evening. Mrs Flower (watches/sees) TV

1. In the morning, I (make/do) my bed

2. What (is she/does she look) like? - She has wavy fair hair and blue eyes

3. Have you got any hobbies? - Yes, I like to (take/make) photos

4. William is a (handsome/beautiful) young man

5. (Look/see) at the photo! It's my nephew's birthday

2. Complete the text

Use: ready, from, went, countryside, handsome, wore, bonfire, before, summer

Mike got up early in morning and started to pack his bag. He put in his favourite book, Scrabble and his camera. Now he was ready to go to Grandpa's . His grandpa lived in the countryside among high pine trees and green fields. His house was situated not far from the lake.

Mike always spent a part of his summer holidays with his grandparents. Together with his grandpa, Mike went fishing, flew a kite and played Scrabble in the evenings. His grandpa had taught him how to repair bikes and make a bonfire.

Mike found his grandpa in the kitchen. He was a handsome tall man with short grey hair. He wore glasses like Mike did. "Hi, Mike! Will you have breakfast before we leave?" asked his grandpa. "No, I'll have breakfast at your place. Grandma has got something nice for me, hasn't she?" said Mike

3. Complete the sentences. Circle the right letter

Example: On Saturday I look ... my younger sister who is only two years old

                  a) for   b) after   c) like

1. My cousins are smart and friendly. We get .... well with each other

a) on   b) up   c) of

2. We found the cat under the bench in the park. ... that we sent SMS  to our  grandma

a) At   b) After   c) In

3. What are you going to do ... Saturday! - It depends on the weather

a) at   b) for   c) on

4. They were very hospitable and I left ... home in their house

a) at   b) in   c) of

5. The people fought heroically ... their country and won the war

a) for   b) on   c) to

6. There was a big concert ... honour of the famous composer

a) for   b) at   c) in

7. Will you set ... fireworks on the New-Year night? - Of course, we will. It's a tradition

a) of   b) off   c) up

4. Complete the sentences. Use the Past Simple and the Present Perfect

Example: I ... doing my homework (just, finish) - I have just finished doing my home work .  I can go for a walk with you

1. - Have you read the book about admiral Nelson?

- Not yet. However, I saw a film about him last month.

2. The young explorers have already been to Dover.

They visited the White Cliffs of Dover a week ago.

3. Alice has already bought a nice present for her niece.

She found the present in the shopping centre yesterday.

5. Complete the sentences. Use which or who

Example: My grandma lives in a nice green town which is situated not far from Liverpool

1. Ann often met the famous actor who lived next to her house

2. He knows the shop which sells real English tea. Let's ask him how to get there

3. Alexander Milne was the man who wrote an amazing story about Winnie the Pooh and his friends

4. A limerick is a poem which is short and funny

6. Make questions for the following answers

Example: Where ...? - I spent my summer holidays in the country.

                  Where did you spend your summer holidays?

1. When do they celebrate this holiday?

2. Who lives in the countryside?

3. Where is she sweeping the floor?

4. What is Susan like?

5. How many cousins has Jim got?

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