Test yourself. Section 4-7 - Биболетова, Денисенко, Трубанева 6 класс (ответы)

1. Complete the sentences with the correct jobs.

Example: This famous ... is always on TV in the evening programs.

                  a) chemist        b) showman        c) diver

1) Look how beautifully this ... is moving.

a) musician        b) dancer        c) explorer

2) What ... created the music for this film?

a) actor        b) showman        c) composer

3) My brother is a good ..., he's had several concerts already.

a) pianist        b) artist        c) scientist

4) Who is the most famous British...? - William Shakespeare, I think.

a) writer        b) sportsman         c) astronaut

5) I think you'll be a ... . You count so fast and Maths is your favourite subject.

a) politician        b) diver        c) businessman

2. Complete the letter.

Use: world, soon, leading, competition, astronaut, drove.

Dear Nelly,

Your last letter was exiting. I'm so glad that you won a school swimming competition. Congratualations! Maybe, one day, you will get a world record.

My class and I meet to the sports centre last week. I drove a fast kart! It is a small car. I wore a helmet and a special uniform. It was fantastic!

By the way, you remember Billy, my younger brother, don't you? He's so funny. He wanted to become an astronaut and travel in space last year. And this year he has a leading role in our school theatre play!

Would you like to visit us? It would be lovely.

Take care of yourself.

Wtite to me soon.


3. Complete the sentences. Circle the right letter.

Example: We .... .... to play tennis tomorrow.

                  a) aren't going        b) don't do         c) didn't go

1) This famous sportsman  ... world records every year!

a)broke        b) break        c) broken

2) Listen! The sisters ... that beautiful song again.

a) sang        b) will sing        c) are singing

3) My school football team ... a competition last month.

a) doesn't win        b) haven't won        c) didn't win

4) My little brother always .... to sleep on time when he was a school boy.

a) went        b) goes         c) will go

5) ... you ... to be an actor?

a) Are ... going         b) Will ... go       c) Have .... gone

6) My favourite actress .... in Titanic movie. Have you seen it?

a) stared     b) star         c) will star

7) - ... you take pat in the project?

- I haven't decided yet.

a) Did        b) Do         c) Will

8) - ... you already ... this book by J.Kipling? - Yes, would you like to take it?

a) Are ... reading        b) Have ... read         c) Did ... read

9) He ... the leading role in the perfomance yesterday.

a) hasn't got        b) doesn't get        c) didn't get

10) I ... just ... this book. It's really worth reading.

a) have ... read        b) will ... read         c) am ... reading

4. Put in the right reflexive pronoun.

Example: Travis wrote this song by himself.

1) Jack, plese clean up your oom by yourself.

2) Did she draw this beautiful picture by herself.

3) This trip could be dangerous, take care of yourself.

4) When my brother was 3 years old he couldn't to anything by himself.

5) Yeasterday I hurt myself when I was riding a bike.

6) They are good cooks. They can cook eveything by themself.

7) We arranged for Frankie's birthday party by ourselfes.

8) Do you need my help? - No, thank you. I'll do it myself.

5. Put the adjectives in the right form.

Example: This winter is colder than the previous one. (cold)

1) Make yourself comfortable! Take that armchair it is cosier than this one.

2) That trip to Africa was the most dangerous in my life!

3) Who is stronger an elephant or a tiger?

4) The excursion to the British Museum was more interesting than the one to the National Gallery.

5) Watch out! My karate is better than yours!

6) What! That's the worst news ever! Are you sure that we won't go on the excursion tomorrow?

7) William is the most talented singer in our class.

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