Section 10 - Тетрадь Enjoy English Биболетова, Денисенко, Трубанева 7 класс (ответы)

1. Make up as many word combinations as possible. Write them down.

Phone line

Phone book

Phone exchange

Phone number

Phone box

Phone call

Electric guitar

Electric phone

Electric lights

Electric telegraph

2. Match the phrases. Act out the mini-dialogues.

1 c 2 d 3 b 4 e 5 a

3. Use the verbs in the appropriate tense.

1. It (be) was my grandmother’s birthday yesterday. I (not / manage) didn't manage to come, but I (phone) phoned her to say “Happy Birthday!”. She was glad to hear from me.

2. — I want to call Jane and invite her to my party.

- (you / know) Do you know her telephone number?

- No, but I (ring up) will ring up someone of her friends and leave a message for her.

3. - Can I speak to Paul, please?

- I’m afraid he is not here. He (go) went to the swimming pool.

4. — A traffic accident has just happened near my house!

— (you / already / call) Have you already called the police and the ambulance?

5. — Can you call the cinema and ask if they still have tickets for this film?

— Let me see... I’m afraid I (lose) have lost the phone number of the cinema.

4. Find the phrases with the opposite meanings and write down the pairs. Make up sentences with any four of these phrases.

to leave a message to take a chance to be out of luck to receive e-mail to be in luck to send e-mail to take a message to miss a chance

to leave a message to take a message
to send e-mail to receive e-mail
to miss a chance to take a chance
to be out of luck to be in luck

1. I use the Internet to send and receive e-mails.

2. I never miss a chance to send a birthday card to my friends.

3. Next week there will be a music competition in our school. I should take a chance.

4. I won a music competition last week. I was in luck.

5. Complete the dialogue. Mind the information in the box.

You will leave your house in several minutes and will be back very late (it's your aunt’s birthday).

You have to inform your Irtend that there will be no lessons tomorrow and your class will have a picnic in the country. Everybody should wear «ports clothes and take some food and drinks with him / her.

You: Hello! This is Mick, Bob's classmate. Can I speak to Bob. please?

Bob's mother: I'm sorry, but he is not in. Shall I ask him to call back when he comes?

You: No, I'm afraid I won't be at home later.

Bob's mother:I can take a message then. What’s up?

You: Good news! Please tell him that there will be no lessons tomorrow and our class will have a picnic in the country.

Bob’s mother:  You won't wear your school uniform, will you?

You: No, we won't. Everybody should wear sports clothes.

Bob’s mother: I think you will get hungry and thirsty there

You: Oh. yes! That is why everybody should take some food and drinks.

Bob s mother: I’ll give Bob some meat anti cheese sandwiches and a big bottle of lemonade.

You: That will be great. Thank you!

Bob's mother: Thank, you for calling us. Have a good time tomorrow! Bye, then.

You: Bye!

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