Section 6 - Тетрадь Enjoy English Биболетова, Денисенко, Трубанева 7 класс (ответы)

1. Solve the problems and write them as it is shown in the model.

Example: 1. 102 +135 = 237

One hundred and two plus one hundred and thirty five is two hundred and thirty seven.

2. 70 + 47 = Seventy plus fourty-seven is one hundred and seventeen.

3. 3,586 + 89 = Three thousand five hundred and eighty-six plus eighty-nine is three thousand six hundred and seventy-five.

4. 9,000,000 - 8,800,000 = Nine million minus eight hundred thousand is two hundred thousand.

5. 4,874 - 2,672 = Four thousand eight hundred and seventy-four minus two thousand six hundred and seventy-two is two thousand two hundred and two.

6. 1,000,000 - 5,647 = Jne million minus five thousand six hundred and fourty-seven is nine hundred ninty-four thousand three hundred and fifty-three.

2. Complete the sentences. Write the dates in letters.

Example: Mark Twain was born in eighteen thirty-five.

1. I was born in ninteen sixty fifth year.

2. My mother was born in nineteen seventy sixth.

3. My grandfather was born in nineteen sixty fifth year.

4. I went to school in two thousand and seventh year.

5. I will leave school in two thousand the eighteens year.

3. Read the information in Ex. 39 on p. 16, Student’s Book, and answer the questions. Write all the numerals in letters.


1. How many people live in Moscow? — There are more than nine million people in Moscow.

2. How many people live in Washington? - More than half a million people live in City of Washington.

3. How many people live in Moscow and Washington together? - About nine and a half million people.

4. How many people live in London and Moscow together? - More than sixteen million people live in in Moscow and London together.

5. How many people live in in your city/town/village? - I live in the city/town/village, where about ... .


1. How old is London now? - London is almost two thousand years old.

2. How old will London be in two thousand and fifteen? - In two thousand and fifteen London will be one thousand nine hundred  and seventy-two.

3. When will Washington be three hundred years old? - Washington will be three thousand years old twenty ninety.

4. When will Ottawa celebrate its three hundredth biriliday? — Ottawa will celebrate its three hundredth biriliday in twenty-one fifty-five.

5. When did Sydney celebrate its two hundredth birthday? - Sydney celebrate its two hundredth birthday in ninteen and eighty-eight.

6. Has Wellington celebrated its one hundred and fiftieth birthday? When? — Yes. it has. It was in nineteen ninety.

4. Compare the cities. I he first sentence is done tor you.

Example: 1. Wellington / Sydney.

Wellington и larger thun Sydney.    

large small cold warm big

2. Washington / Moscow.

Moscow is bigger that Washington.

3. Winters in Moscow / Winters in Ottawa.

Winters in Moscow are warmer that winters in Ottawa

4. Summers in London / Summers in Moscow.

Summers in London are colder that summers in Moscow.

5. The population of Moscow / The population of Wellington.

The population of Moscow is bigger that the population of Wellington.

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