Section 9 - Тетрадь Enjoy English Биболетова, Денисенко, Трубанева 7 класс (ответы)

1. Match. Write what we use these means of communication for.

2. Make up four sentences anil write which means of communication are important for you. Use the phrases from the boxes.

Example: Telephone it very important for me because I often call my friends.

1. The Internet is very important for me because I often send and receive e-mail from online stories.

2. Post is very important for me at all because I never send or receive telegrams.

3. I really need a phone, because I have a lot to school video.

4. Telegraph is not important for me at all because I never send or receive telegrams.

3. Translate the sentences. See Ex. 67 on p. 23. Student's Book.

1. Мой лучший друг живет далеко от меня, поэтому мы редко видим друг другa, но мы звоним друг другу каждый день.

2. У меня много друзей, и мы всегда помогаем друг другу в трудных ситуациях.

3. Твой друг не говорит по-русски, а ты не знаешь французский. Как вы общаетесь друг с другом?

4. Я могу говорить с моей мамой обо всем. Мы очень хорошо понимаем друг друга.

5. Все мои дяди, тети, двоюродные братья и сестры придут на мой день рождения в воскресенье. У меня большая семья, и мы всегда рады видеть друг друга.

1. My best friend lives far away from me, so we rarely see each other but we call each other every day.

2. I have a lot of friends and we always help each other in difficult situations.

3. Your friend doesn't speak Russian and you don't know French. How do you communicate with each other?

4. I can talk to my mom about everything. We very well understand each other.

5. All my uncles, aunts, cousins and sisters will come to my birthday on Sunday. I have a big family, and we are always happy to see each other.

4. Give some advice.

Example: — I promised my mum to be home at 5 p.m., and now its half past six. She is worrying, I’m afraid.— Ring her up and say that you are all right.

1. — I haven’t taken down the home task for tomorrow. I don’t know which exercises to do.

- Ring your classmate up and ask him about home talk.

2. — New Year is corning. I want to say something nice to my granny, but she lives far from us and doesn’t have a phone.

- Buy a beautiful postcard and sent it to your granny by post.

3. — I want to inform my relatives that i will arrive in their city tomorrow. I remember their address but don’t remember the phone number.

- Send them a letter.

4. — I want to send the text of this advertisement about the programmers’ competition to my cousin. She is very good at computers and will certainly get the first prize. The problem is that tomorrow is the deadline for entering the competition and it will take the letter three days to get to her town.

- You can send her e-mail. Use the Internet to do it.

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