Section 1 - Тетрадь Enjoy English Биболетова 8 класс (ответы)

1. Write the words in three columns.

2. Complete the table below.

a) What kind of activities can you do if the weather is:

a) mushroom picking

b) skiing

c) gardening

d) swimming

e) windsurfing

f) skating

g) playing snowballs

h) playing football

i) sunbathing

j) fishing

k) book reading

l) shopping

m) playing volleyball

b) Think about more activities, which you can do in different types of weather and add them to the list above.

3. Read the names of the countries below and write types of weather typical of these countries. See Ex.3 on p.6, Student's Book.

4. Ask questions for more information. Mind the tenses.

Example: It was wet yesterday. (rain) - Did it rain?

5. Complete the postcard to your Mum (brother or friend) and write what the weather is like at the seaside. Fill in the words from the box.

6. Imagine that you have travelled around the world. Make up a short story about your trip, using all the words from Ex.2 and 3. Also try to use words from Unit 1, Student's Book.

Use the following guidelines:

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