Section 4 - Тетрадь Enjoy English Биболетова 8 класс (ответы)

1. Practice the reading.

2. Use the words from the box instead of the underlined word combinations.

3. Play the situation back using Conditional III.

Tim borrowed a very good book - he sat up very late yesterday - he fell asleep after midnight - he woke up later than usual - did not have time to have breakfast - was hungry and angry - kicked a bin in the street - the policemen stopped and fined him.

4. Write the sentences using Conditionals II and III. (See Ex.44 on p.52, Student's Book).

Example: If Nick had not played chess in his childhood, he would not be a bright student now.

5. Complete the writing about the importance of recycling. For the arguments see Ex.40 on p.50, Student's Book.

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