2c - Тетрадь Spotlight Ваулина 9 класс (ответы)

1. Put the verbs in brackets info the infinitive (with or without to) or -ing form.

A: Here, let me hold the bike while you're fixing it.
B: Thanks! I could certainly do with you help.

A: What do you think of getting these boots for Jane?
B: Bad idea. She doen't like wearing anything but sports shoes.

A: Would you like to order now?
B: Do you mind giving us a few more minutes?

A: You can't avoid talking to Sam forever, John. He's your best friend.
B: Well, you don't expect me to forgive him after what he's done, do you?

2. Put the verbs in brackets into the infinitive without to or -ing form.

1. I can hear Matt shouting at John. What are they arguing about now?

2. Since you saw him break the vase, why didn't you say anything?

3. Have you heard Bob sing? He has a terrible voice!

4. He felt something touch his arm for a moment, and thought it was a spider.

5. Mary saw Robbie crying and went to tell the teaher.

3. Put the verbs in bold into the to-infinitive or -ing form.

1. Why don't you try doing some of your chroes during the week? Then you'll have more free time at the weekend.
Olga tried to do her errands in the morning but she didn't have enough time for all of them.

2. I don't understand why the neighbours complained about the noise. I remember telling them about the party weeks ago.
Did you remember to tell our new neighbours to come to us if they need any help?

3. Why don't we stop to ask that man for directions to the hotel? It seems we're lost!
Can you please stop asking so many silly questions? It's really annoying!

4. When Lisa starts talking about how awful her old car is, she can go on complaining for hours!
First she says she likes doing the husework all by herself, and the she goes on to complain  that no one ever helps her!

4. Use too or enough and the appropriate word from the list below to complete the sentences.

1. Jane doesn't like living in the city centre because it's too crowded.

2. The streets in our neighbourhood are safe enough for young children to play in.

3. The garage of this house has enough space for two cars.

4. We can't put a table on our porch, because it's not big enough.

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