2f - Тетрадь Spotlight Ваулина 9 класс (ответы)

1. Fill in the correct form of the words in bold.

1. Jenny prefers honey in her tea; it has the sweetness of sugar, but it's healthier.
2. When it comes to choosing an area to live in, safety is og great importance.
3. Mrs Williams is very good it suggesting fun learning activities that help her students understand her lesson better.
4. John says that dogs have a high level of intelligence which is why they learn tricks so easily.
5. More and more people are starting to complain about the frequency of the local bus service.

2. Complete the sentences using the words below.

1. Don't leave your clothes all over your room! Hang them in the wardrobe.
2. Sam cleans his teeth every morning and night, as he hates to visit the dentist.
3. Olga washes her car every Sunday.
4. The cleaners sweep and mop the office floors every day.
5. Grab a glass from the kitchen cupboard and I'll pour you some juice.
6. You've got no clean T-shirts! You'd better do the washing today.
7. Why don't we share the housework? I'll do the cooking and washing-up, and you can do the cleaning.

3. Complete the sentences with the prepositions below.

4. Underline the correct preposition.

1. The armchair is in the corner of the room next to the window.
2. Can you stop leaving your things on the floor? You're so messy!
3. The fire left half the buildings in the street in ruins.
4. I know we're in a hurry, but can you slow down, please?
5. Don't worry, if we can't find a nice hotel for your birthday party, we'll do it at home.
6. James has parked his car on the corner of Smith and Nicolson street.
7. Suzan can't do her maths homework, because she's left her book at school.

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